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First Post: Rewatching an old love.

12 MAY

Dragon Ball Z.
We've all seen it, or at least heard of it.
It's like Naruto and Bleach; a staple anime in any Otakus household.

I won't dwell too much into how much i've missed DBZ,
because that would take a while.
This post is merely to state that i'd seen it all before and it still gets me everytime a character dies.
Even if you hate them or they were minor,
they feel like family.

The ups and downs and mishaps of Goku really bring you in and make you want to help them out.
Then you realize even if this were real life, you'd get your butt handed to you.

Anyway, yeah, i just wanted to share with my computer my reunion with DBZ.

(and now i'm thinking of Final Fantasy: Advent Chilcren when Kadaj says "My reunion" and pushes Genova cells into himself)
Note: Must rewatch that too.

Pce Out.

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