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Sui says...

Wow - LOL. That last sentence was not directed at you in any way. I just realised how stalker-ish it sounded after I sent. xD;;

May 20, 2009
Sui says...

Aww - sad to hear that :( Hope you find a new travel buddy soon!

Wait wait no! Haha it may be a horrible course of action BUT - ITS FUN! Plan as you go xD! More exciting :) That's what I want to do someday, just fly somewhere and keep going to where I feel like. But I have not been lucky enough to support that wish financially lol. Nor, have I found someone to travel with. YET. haha.

But nope, never been to the states myself, but I would really like to, as a matter of fact, it's first on my list of places to go. ;P I have a few people to kidnap. ;)

May 20, 2009
Sui says...

Beauty?! D: I think you were in a different country lol.

I'm just kidding xD; but seriously, around my area, isn't all that beautiful.

You may have heard of it while you were here, and I wouldn't be surprised if what you heard was all bad, but I'm from Limerick. xD; I live in the countryside though, not the city. (the ciity is what people think is bad lol - it's one of the more, "dangerous" places here ahah.) Weirdly enough, I think this city is my favourite. Maybe that's because I know how to avoid the bad areas lol.

I've not been to Dublin much, but it has been pretty fun every time i've went xD

Yeah! Return return! :P What was the weather like when you were here? Hope you got it good. It is really great here when the weather is nice. Most people are put off by how rainy it can get xD

May 14, 2009
Sui says...

Lol just had to leave a comment. I love your sig.

You like Ireland? xDD; Where abouts did you visit?

I'm curious to what you found great about there :P

Or should I say, here...since i live here lol.


May 13, 2009
NiiroGal says...

Thanks for the comment!

Apr 19, 2009