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Otaku108 avatar Otaku108


May 30, 2010

ya, currently on Dragon Age Origins still, might finish that one at some point ....

Otaku108 avatar Otaku108


May 29, 2010

no I played GTA3 and liked it to a degree but wasn't really into the regurgitations, i'm more of an RPG and strat player

Otaku108 avatar Otaku108


May 28, 2010

it's pretty new actually, recently bought the parts and assembled it which is why I still have most of the boxes out where I could easily list them. I'd say about 8 months oldish.... Win7 probably best OS MS has turded out so far, still buggy though...

Otaku108 avatar Otaku108


May 28, 2010

oh my you need a comment on your profile! so here's one even though it's a reply :P

ya I build computers whenever I have spare cash. currently what i'm using:

OS: Win7

CPU: AMD 2.8 GHz dual core 64bit Athalon II Regor

RAM: 4x 1 GB Corsair (can't remember the model name have to find the box)

Vid Card: 512 MB MSi Radion GeForce 9500 128bit PCI Express 2.0

Mobo: ASUS damned if I can remember the stats on this thing or it's model number/name

all canned in a random black case with a 500 watt PS bout 500 GB HDD by seagate nothing special there really. rest is standard stuff, dvd burner, ethernet card, bare minimum 5.1 suround sound card which I'm not happy with, creative sounds has really fallen in my book.

btw, Bradley be my first name too :P cheers and thx for the msg!

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