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<pre>Yo ! I am a normal girl with an extraordinary imagination n too much sarcasm for my own good :3 here are some of my Favourite : Colour; blue and lime green Band : linkin park , green day. Game : football Food: junk n i love fruits Holiday spot: Switzerland and japan (cherry blossoms xD <3) Personalities:Lionel Messi , Leo Nardo Da Vinci , Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso Books: Vampire Academy , Inheritance trilogy , Harry Potter , and loads more which would probably take more than a year to type :) My speciality is my ability to speak my mind...but sometimes I can't frame the thoughts in my mind in the proper way and everything comes out wrong :p Um..I'm 15 yrs old n I love music !! <3 and reading books. I love reading manga and watching anime <3 I am extremely moody so I tend to be very lazy though if I put my mind to it I always do the best. I love playing sports and reading as well as sketching. You can say I'm kind of like a nerd....coz I am completely a computer geek :D I tend to argue a lot if I know I am right, which is most of the times. A piece of advice "Don't waste ur precious body fluid (tears) on stupid people...coz everytime a tear falls a fairy dies..!! so stay strong and keep smiling coz it is always the darkest before dawn" I love my fans !! and I hope ull keep voting and commenting... loads and loads and loads and loads of love Blue :D xD xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxo :D ;)</pre>

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