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Elfen Lied

Dec 1, 2012

I really, really, really...yes really got hyped up to watch this anime. On a scale of 'one to insane' people have been ranting on about this show for a while now and I've only just gotten around to watching it now....

The Story Thus Far:

Let's delve into the world of well earth I guess. The only real change between our earth and this shows earth is the addition of Diclonius..Diclonius? Diclonius! (try saying that 10 times in a row)...a thing that strangely resembles many older, richer men's fantasies..a devil in disguise ;)...unfortunately these devils pack creepy tentacle hands that can rip you in half, not to mention tear away 'that part' that all you horn dog fans will be thinking of using whilst watching the main girls.

Continuing, we are thrown into 10 minutes of death and torment as our anti-heroine Lucy casually struts around nude whilst decapitating and mutilating people...sound intriguing? Well yes! Of course it is! Everyone knows that we as human beings are equipped with a thirst for curiosity and something as brutal and as shocking as this is what draws us in most.

After a series of unfortunate events our friendly Diclonius Lucy just happens to escape her life-prison and winds up meeting our oblivious playboy (yes he gets the girls) Kouta and his cousin on a beach. unfortunately she has lost her memories so the stupid, yet cute, character Nyuu is born as Lucy's split personality..who funnily enough can only say 'Nyu'.

Of course Diclonius can't just casually stroll around town so your usual big and evil organisation is looking to take Lucy back. And an encore please as a large number of good/bad and downright dirty characters are introduced..most with the aim of capturing Lucy or playing some sort of role in assisting her capture/escapes.

The Unfortunate Event of Elfen Lied:

Aside from some very colourful, and brief, fight scenes much of Elfen Lied is just talking coupled with Ecchi (lots and lots of Ecchi) and Romance. I made the initial mistake of taking those first 10 minutes as ZOMG LOTS OF DEATH WOOHOO...but it kind of fizzled out into Nyu..Nyu? Nyu!!!!!!!!!

The main story of capturing Lucy is still prominent in much of the anime but after the 'herp derp next shit plan to capture her' speech it once again fades into the background as daily cleaning routines, or going for walks and the like come into the major spotlight. 

I would say be weary that the anime isn't just a total wants you to sympathise with the characters and love them for who they are...Not a bad thing, in fact i thoroughly enjoyed it....just a warning ^_^

Nyu and friends:

Aside from being a ruthless, heartless murderer Lucy is quite loveable. Delving into her past helps to explain why she's an insane freak of nature. The good thing about this anime is Lucy isn't portrayed as the biggest piece of shit on earth (congratulations Batoh for that trophy) and thus you will actually feel a deal of sympathy for her once all is revealed.

Kouta is your run of the mill loveable guy. Kind, gentle, loving and totally oblivious he's everything every single anime girl seems to love. So to all you awaiting the time when you can marry cartoons, remember to be an absolute moron that just chases whimfully after obviously dangerous women.

I won't lie Kouta pissed me off on a few occasions, the most tedious was near the end when he asks 'Why?' for about the 50th time in a's like 'Look dickhead if she wanted to tell you she would've done it in the first fucking place. Repeating the same inane question won't just open her up'.

There are obviously lots of other characters in this anie that play sort-of-important roles....leading me to:::

The Melancholy of the Rest of the Cast:

See my biggest grope with this anime is the very weak supporting stories. Some argue 'oh but each character has their backstory delved into so we can see why they're so fucked up'.

True...very true! However all their 'significance' is opened up but then just dropped on it's head. What I mean by this is that the stories are given but not drawn upon.

A very strong example is an evil little bitch named #35..She is introduced, backstory quickly explained, she fights, she fucks off. It's simple yet unsatisfying....yes the story was explained, yes I get everything BUT DEAR GOD can't we draw upon this!!!!!!!

A similarly sick example is of Mayu's past, which is briefly shown. This made me realise just how fucked up our earth is seeing as the portrayment is probably not far (if off target at all) from real life situations. However I was still left wondering 'Just what the absoulte hell', they disgusted me for five minutes then dumped her backstory's like 'oh look this sick thing happened, OK story explained...moving on'!!


There is one last major gripe I have with the characters of this a seemingly important character in the beginning she very quickly pisses off to the realm of whateverness. I swear to God the producers must have interviewed their just-discovering-crushes 10 year olds because the amount of times she cries grows exponentially with the number of episodes in the series.

Seriously, first off I'm not a big fan of giving a fuck but is cousin love cool? Maybe if your a hick...but some on guys...I was creeped out. Not once did I think 'OMG they are so cute and beautiful together I could just fall in love with this moment' was more along the lines of 'Dear god I swear I saw a similar story on crimewatch'

Some Final Thoughts:

Is Elfen Lied the best thing to hit my life since sex? Is Elfen Lied a giant pile of shit that erupted from some guy's asshole? I'd say on my scale it fits somewhere below alcohol and a bit above sitting on my ass pondering on life...earning it a solid 7.5/10

I highly recommend this anime to anyone looking for a romantic tale coupled with a more real-life feel (over the usual dramatic shit that's dished out), a solid helping of violence and ecchi and a dash of rape....

All in All an enjoyable, but not ZOMG WOWFULLY insane

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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