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If you are looking for a show with a beautiful romantic tale of two star crossed lovers coming together then DONT watch Ouran High School Host Club. If you have read the Manga you will see that it somewhat follows this tale BUT the anime doesn't follow this storyline at all.

So what is the story of Ouran? Ha...Story. Well Ouran follows no story at all, basically each episode is simply a 1-4 day period encompassing the daily activities of the Host Club. This can range from helping people, to simply entertaining girls, to visiting Haruhi at home. When I first realised this was I interested? Ummm no not really.

Ouran does have several 'character development' episodes which turned out to be the best episodes of the show, they really dug into each of the characters past and explained why they joined the Host Club and who they were before that.

Luckily for Ouran the thing that pulls it through is its comedy and trust me there is alot of it. While being a little cheesy, the humour in Ouran is great and even though the comedy has a structured routine, and can get a bit predictable, I still found myself pissing my pants at the show.


The character design is great and i really loved the use of the roses and sparkles to highlight a scene of pleasure for the squealing guests of the club. The only thing I didn't like is that they sometimes overused the annoyed look of Haruhi and made her uglier than she really was (making her eyes beady and giving her a weird looking mouth), minor gripe but its still there.

I especially liked the opening theme Sakura Kiss, which I immediately downloaded and had stuck in my head for several days. Ouran also chooses suitable whacky songs to play during comedic moments and sombre songs to play during serious moments.

I don't normally like voice acting in animes, but Ouran really uses the right seiyuu for the job. Each characters voice suits the characters personality and I think Ouran would have been significantly worse if they chose different seiyuu.



The characters in Ouran is really what makes the show worth watching. Each character represents a certain 'type' of the shojou genre, for example the wild type or the loli-con type. Each character plays his part in order to please the girls of the Ouran academy who each have a specific preference. However on top of this, each character has a very different inner-personality which means not only do they satirise the shojou genre but they surpass the stereotype.

Haruhi deserves a special mention. As the protagonist of the series she provides a normal grounding in comparison with the rest of the whacky cast. She is loveable and provides wit, intelligence and a down to earth approach to many problems the Host club faces.



There is one thing that i really hate about Ouran, none of the characters will freaking tell Haruhi they love her!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it gets kind of annoyng watching them all clearly lust for her and then they just act like nothing is wrong, Temaki actually makes up some stupid excuse that he is like her father and thats why he fantasizes over her?? Yeah not creepy at all

I wished she would just go out with one of them by the end of the series. After some quick wiki research I did find a reason why she doesn't, apparently the anime was made during the development of the manga, so when the anime was finished Haruhi was still developing her feelings

My own wishes aside Ouran is a great show and the 26 eps, 9 or so hours, i wasted watching it was time well spent!

6.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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