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Naruto Shippuden

Apr 6, 2011

Well I first encountered the Naruto series thanks to Cartoon network when i was younger but unfortunately had to sit through the terrible english dubbing and decided to give the entire show up. A few yrs later and i stumbled upon Naruto Shipudden and well decided to give it a second chance. Thank God i did because I love the NAruto Shipudden series and shall now share my enlightening experience with you.


Well you don't have to see the original to understand this one, all you have to know is that theres Naruto, his friends and his enemies. The main story though follows Naruto trying to get his best friend, Sasuke, back from evil who he turned to for various reasons. OF course the show wuld be boring just having NAruto moan to Sasuke all day, so they add in bad guys to spice the story up and add 'fun' filler arcs just for shits and giggles.

There are a few problems with the story though.

1. You will most likely end up hating Sasuke and just want Naruto to give up on trying to save him and jus beat the living shit out of him.

2. They kinda just throw random 'let's get Sasuke back' missions and arcs here and there to remind the viewer what Naruto's actual goal is. This is very annoying, i want them to end the chase Sasuke thing its getting boring!

3. The bad guys, whilst cool and powerful will ALWAYS lose in the end. So it's kinda predictable. THis means that the 'Oh no will Naruto die?' or 'Will ANruto win against this dirtbag?'questions are kinda pointless. Its like saying 'will they randomly decide to kill the main character, ending the series midway and letting the bad guys roam free?'

4. The Fillers......GOD I HATE THE FILLERS! People say 'oh but some are interesting' yeah but there a waste of time, it contracts from the main story and makes viewing Naruto less enjoyable as you have to put up with stupid stories about collecting herbs or the bubble blowing buy......I hate the bubble blowing guy!


Even through these angers, Naruto Shipudden pulls through, delivering a beautiful overall story, and even though u know Naruto will win its interesting to see how he does.


WEll there is WAYYYYYYY too many to mention here but thumbs up to most of them. THere's always someone who is making me laugh, or who is really powerful. I really actually enjoy watching NAruto grow stronger, his latest mvoes are fucking awesome and he pretty much rips shit up.

I personally love all the Akatsuki and really want to see back stories to each of their lives (I know Sasori's was sorta done, but it'd be cool to see him fight the Third Kazekage)


So yeah an 8/10 from me

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Subside Aug 5, 2011

While I agree the whole chasing Sasuke thing got old pretty quick, I can still see Naruto's reasoning behind it. Then theres the whole Uchiha vs Senju/Uzumaki destined battle and what not, so Kishi knows where he wants to take the story and how he wants to build the tension while getting there.

Also the "bubble blowing guy" is not filler, hes the rokubi jinchuuriki and though those episodes werent canon, he will be making a comeback at somepoint!

s3phiroth04 Jun 4, 2011

this may sound a bit biased but expect either naruto sakura or sasuke to die by the end of the series if there willing to kill asuma gaara and almost everyone in the villiage i wouldnt put it past them and the ova of sage naruto vs  sasuke pretty much triggered this opinion ><

MOJ May 9, 2011

Though Naruto won't die, we can't say the same for other characters now can we?