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I've been watching anime for as long as I can remember and I plan to watch many more.

My favorite kind of animes are comedic action animes and harem ecchi animes;but after watching Toradora,I got hooked on dramatic high school,romance animes.I also like really sad shows for some reason.I'm not ashamed to say I cried at some animes! Basically I'll watch anything that I think is interesting.I don't really have a least favorite genre.

It's hard to pick a favorite anime. I like a lot of anime for different reasons; so I have favorite anime for certain genres. Although, I will rate it higher if it made me cry or one where I want to continue to the next episode. I haven't been watching as much as I used to, so its nice when something like K-On or Sakurasou comes along and I just want to keep watching.

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Shadowfoot says...

Havent watched Kobato yet, will have to check it out in the future. I had the same problem with my favourite anime list, started as top 5 then top 10 and now I dont have a fixed number, I just add my favourites. I think you should maybe watch Katanagatari and Xamd the lost memories. Really awesome animes with tear-filled moments.

Feb 7, 2012
Shadowfoot says...

I think I went through the same phase as you, I couldnt get enough of ecchi and harem anime at first, but then I watched clannad and my whole anime outlook changed. Now I cant seem to get enough of heavy drama and romance animes and I dont think thats goinh to change in the near future. For some weird reason I also started watching shoujo anime O_o. I think because they dish out a lot of drama and romance. Yes, I love Nagisa! Just too cute. Ano Hana was also brilliant and my 2nd favourite anime.

Feb 3, 2012
Shadowfoot says...

Hey dude, just saw your top 5 anime. I must say those are some of the best animes out there.

Just check my list, I think I have everything you like in my list as well. Nothing can EVER beat Clannad AS in my opinion. :D

Feb 1, 2012
Kari5 says...

You can check the phone book or ask your parents about a steamstress.

But looking at those Gohan pictures, I'd say you have no choice but to do some sewing. You can make boot covers for his shoes. But if you don't know how to sew this could be tricky. Perhaps a family member can help you sew?

Nov 7, 2011
Tanimoto says...

Mission accomplished. Can't miss out on good chances to be cheesy. Imagine if every ending was happy, that would be quite scary. Variety is a nice problem to have.

Nov 1, 2011