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Toradora Light Novels!

11 DEC


Recenty I found a website where you can read a fan translation of the Toradora light novels (they have other light novel translations too). Since Toradora is currently my favorite anime, I had to read it. I could just rewatch the anime, but its only been half a year since I first watched it.

I'm only on the second chapter of the first novel, but there's already some minor differences. I don't mind them though, some were actually kind of interesting like Yasuko's mini esper powers or the gym scene. Also, I can easily visualise things in my head because I've already seen the anime, but it might not be as sad; the voice acting and music really made the scenes more powerful.

I might read all 10 volumes someday. I could be reading Lord of the Flies for English but I can't read it without being bored.

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Doomoo avatar Doomoo
Apr 10, 2012

I love the light novels. The fact that they are not exactly the same as the manga and anime is awesome because it makes it so that you are not reading the same thing in diffrent forms.

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