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Clannad After Blog *SPOILERS*


Clannad,just wow.I think its tied with Toradora as my number one favorite anime,maybe a little bit better.That show knows how to get an emotional response out of people.I kind of felt like Tomoya during episode 18,I didn't cry when Nagisa died,but I cried with him when he was telling Ushio about her.And when Ushio died,it was like a dam broke in my eyes.Key Visual Arts:they're not afraid to kill off your beloved characters.That was one of the saddest things I've ever seen in an anime.If I was alone when I was watching,I would've cried more! Thank goodness it never snows where I live. But everything was fine in the end.Normally I'd be pissed off at that kind of ending,but it was so damn heartwarming! The only thing that I'm sad they didn't show was Tomoya and Nagisa kissing.They're the official couple for crying out loud. I think I'll take a break from Romance/Dramas for a while,so I won't watch Air in the near future.

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