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Last Show of my Summer/First Show of Fall


Even though I started school 3 weeks ago,my summer of anime is over.I watched some amazing shows;Toradora,Angel Beats,AnoHana etc. So to start a new season,I'm gonna watch the happiest show I can think of...Clannad! Ayu's arc in Kanon kinda confused me,so hopefully Clannad will leave satisfied and not an emotional wreck (I'm looking at you,Taiga,Kanade,Menma)


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Sep 25, 2011

Toradora was pretty cool huh? I don't know what it is but Taiga's anger-filled stare is something which I will always love. Seriously, find me a woman who does it that well and I'll follow her to the end of the Earth. Angel Beats! has the best OST I have ever listened to but I found the show to be too over-hyped to make it truly legendary in terms of anime (see FMA: Brotherhood and Death Note). Ayu's arc was very interesting to say the least, confusing yeah but interesting enough to keep you going.

Good luck with Clannad <Insert hysterical laugh here>... One word, Ushio!

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