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That feeling...


...you get after watching an incredible anime. Today I finished K-On!! (besides the extra episodes.) Okay its not the greatest anime in the world, but it was a pleasant surprise to me. The feeling I had was different. The show isn't just about moe girls. I came for the music and stayed for the characters. It was the first anime in awhile where I wanted to watch it more than once a week. That show put me in a good mood. Episodes 20 and 24 are by far my favorite; they really hit home for me, especially the songs U&I and Tenshi ni Fureta Yo. The scene in episode 24 really did it for me, where the girls sing their song for Azusa. I watched it subbed and dubbed and cried both times (I get emotional just thinking about it) I think the reason that scene and the scene in episode 20 where the band cries after their last school festival got me is because I can relate to their emotions. Even though I'm a bit introverted, I enjoy the time I spend with my friends. I really wish I was confident enough to go out more with them. Thats how I'm gonna feel at my graduation. I'm more emotional than most guys I know. I'm gonna wear sunglasses at my graduation so that nobody sees my eyes all red if I cry.

Those episodes also make me think of my bro. Especially the song U&I. "I think I've been spoiled too much, Because you're too good to me, You gave me so many things that I can't even get to pay you back, All the while I took your existence for granted, And I thought that we would always, always be together, As days go by, I'm sorry  only now that I realized 
That it really isn't the case, So to start things off  I have to tell you these two words 
"Thank you" I can't even begin to tell you how much I know the truth in those words.

Thank you if read this whole thing or even just clicked on it. I'm sorry if this sounded really cheesy.

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RamkoX12X avatar RamkoX12X
Oct 2, 2013

Same here, I'm glad someone has the same thoughts as I do. Azusa is my favorite character in the anime, and to see that the other members would write a song for her before they leave is just very thoughtful. I get a little emotional just thinking about the scene :( K-ON was excellent...

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