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My Anime and Manga Life

15 SEP

I think the first time I ever saw anime was when we owned some Sailor Moon episodes on VHS. My sisters and I would sit in front of the TV and watch the few episodes we had. I thought it was so awesome and they were all so cool! I was watching Pokemon too all the time, and I got addicted to that as well (Vulpix all the way :P). I guess I didn't really go back to anime until Grade 6 when I walked into my older sister's room and she was watching Naruto and Bleach. After watching a ton of episodes with her, I finally began searching for more. I started reading (and then watching) Special A. After that, I went back to Sailor Moon and Pokemon for a while and then I just began reading more manga and watching more anime. As of today, there's so much anime I've heard of and want to watch and some manga I want to read. Aside from the few Marvel and DC TV series I watch (and Supernatural) Anime is basically all I watch. It's so awesome! When I finally discovered the Fate/Stay series and Sword Art Online, I was finally completely into anime. I was into manga long before that though because of Special A and W Juliet.
I do switch between preferring the anime or mang of some things though. Beelzebub hands down I prefer the manga, while SAO I prefer watching the anime.
Honestly, those who claim they've never seen any anime are just crazy and they're missing out :D

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