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Character updating [Cure for boredom]

25 MAR

So now thanks to Anime-Planets handy new feature where you can edit character information it is now much easier to pass time. Though trying to hold back as to not be a nuisance to the Mods. The process is long, doing research and brushing up on previous animes/mangas. Then finding the image etc. ^-^ It is very nice to have an imput on such a nice site. Makes you feel like your being a bit useful. 


  • Finish updating character info for kanon (2006)
  • Finish updating character info for kaleido Star
  • Finish updating character info for Alice in the country of Hearts

I also run across some other random characters in the mist as well. And fill those out while I'm at it, but these are my top priority at the moment.

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Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Mar 27, 2010

You never know, maybe one day the entire site will use the system that the character database is using. Then you wouldn't have any time at all to be bored.



"Become a Moderator---------------------------------------------------Demonstrate your candidacy by submitting info for a bunch of characters in the format below, and we'll be happy to bring you on board to help! ^_^"

If you do well enough, maybe you can even do that. That'll certainly cure your boredom. =P

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