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usually, if the art/animation is really good, i'll watch it even if the plotline sucks. a decent, solid plotline is also important to me. i might even watch it if the art/animation sucks. i also love great and unique characters. so, any combination of those three elements in an anime and i'm sold. so,

best art/animation: ouran high school host. i really like that style, very detailed... shojo style is usually pretty good

best plotline: death note. a very solid plotline, no filler eppies really and very intense

best characters: full metal panic. souske sagara is so unique and i hope that it stays so. template characters are good but are too predictable and boring when overused

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mastersam Sep 11, 2008

and when u have time update ur profile....when u have time (like instead of im)

mastersam Jul 27, 2008

Hey Dummy(pick that one from Edna) anyways you need to watch more so u can become otaku