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I'm currently conductining a laziness experiement, with the hopes that when I reach the far end of the productivity-laziness spectrum, it'll just wrap around to the other side.

In accordance with my current goals, I generally prefer entertainment that involves my teevee. I love video games: MMOs, hack n slash, puzzle games, PC RPGs (King's Quest VII and Dark Sun hold special places in my heart), Guitar Hero (x3), and most any game I can consistently beat other people at. I also really like things I can buy on DVD or download (did you know that EVA 8000s broadcast a subliminal signal that pushes you to download media relentlessly?). I love action, sci-fi, crime drama, fantasy, intelligent/dark humor, and Joss Whedon. Basically, the more removed from everyday life something is, the more likely I'm going to enjoy it. And really, isn't that the whole point of television and its myriad of peripherals?

I have an English degree, so yes, I like books and such as well. And science. Science is cool.

Things I like in my anime: demons, bumbling badasses, developed characters, complex fight scenes, vampires, 10000 PSI bloodspray, big swords, big guns, long and well crafted storylines, and at least one female character I can respect.

Oh, I like funny stuff too! (Especially when it offsets bloody and violent stuff.)

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sothis Oct 31, 2007

Hi bloodrose! A super delayed welcome to the site ^_^ Looks like you've figured everything out nicely... might I suggest a custom signature? I just added the feature and they rule... just click "my signature" on the left to make one.

Otherwise, see you around!

VivisQueen Sep 24, 2007

Well, you don't sound like Kirsten Cohen from The OC, which is a blessing. Lol. Interesting taste in anime - and the one thing I love about Joss Whedon is his ability to script the X-men in a fantastic series of comics. God bless Joss Whedon for that, well, and for Buffy too.

OneiChan Aug 22, 2007

Your profile says that you are currently watching Excel Saga... how do you like it? It's a love it or hate it kind of show. I happen to be one of the ones who loves it ^_^ 

*wants so badly to conduct a laziness experiment too*  

OneiChan Jul 19, 2007

Yep, I agree with Reawen.... looks like we got another great rec writer on our hands! 

Reawen Jul 19, 2007

I particularly like the "right up until he has to whip out the mojo to fight a real baddie" line ^_^ (Trigun to Trinity Blood rec)