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I'm just getting into anime right now.Probably the best show I've seen is TRIGUN.To date I have not been able to find an anime show that can match trigun or surpass it.As you can see I'm also begining to collect swords.The next sword i'm going to get is the sword saya wields in Blood+

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OneiChan says...

Heh, I came back across your profile because it was the 'random featured user'. I notice you haven't been logged in for a little while. Whatcha watching now, and what did you think of Cowboy Bebop??

Sep 1, 2007
blood121290 says...

Trigun got me hooked to anime as well.

Jul 29, 2007
Reawen says...

Trigun was the first complete anime I watched - it's what got me hooked (ah, the memories...) Such a great series! 

Jul 26, 2007
blood121290 says...

thanks for the comment.I'm really just getting into anime right now.

Jul 24, 2007
hontokawaiinekochan says...

I like your top 5! You've seen some good anime ^^ I really like trigun/blood+/shakugan no shana and fma myself! I hope you'll have a nice time around here

byebye - Neko

Jul 24, 2007