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If a lot of my ratings seem high - I tend to do a big of research before I watch anything, and rarely start watching anything I know I won't like, or know absolutely nothing about. But I always love it when someone recommends something to me and tells me to just trust that it's good. That's how it was with Attack on Titan, which has easily become one of my top 10 ever. 

My History with Anime 

(or How I Learned Not to Call Them 'Cartoons' and Came to Love Anime)

(or tl;dr;don't care)

I've been a casual anime watcher since the late 90's (mostly movies - akira, dragonball z, ghost in the shell, fist of the north star, etc.). One night I saw Princess Mononoke in an independent theater my senior year of high school and it changed my entire perception of what could be and what was being done with anime. 

My experience with anime up until the turn of the millennium consisted mostly of trial and error through whatever the local video store had available and if you'd heard something was good via another friend/guy at a comic book store/or magic:the gathering opponent, you MIGHT be able to buy it at a movie/music retailer for way too much money. 

Naruto and other fansubs being available via the Internet changed everything for me, and I'm sure many others in the US. Casual english-speaking fans can now easily view all of the wonderment anime has and is currently bringing to the world- wonderment that our asian and white Japanophilic friends had been telling us about for years.

And websites like this one mean you don't have to wade through hours and hours of crap (and we all know, there's a LOT of crap anime) to find the gems or those that appeal to our specific tastes. I used the site to do a bit of research on some series before I began watching them. 

Summer 2013: I watched an episode of Attack on Titan, and instantly got hooked. After I binge-watched the whole season in about 2 days, I immediately started looking for more series with as much quality. HD/blu-ray tech made the anime experience so much better since I'd first watched Naruto in the early 2000s. Man some of this stuff is STILL incredible to see come to life from the manga! Right. So after Attack on Titan was the first time I really started to use this site for its recommendations, rankings/ratings, and information. And it's fed my obsessive personality quite well. 

A big THANK YOU! to all of those who have changed the world to make all of that possible. Keep it up!

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