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Name: Ryū (Ryūketsu, 流葉、ブリドリフ)

Last recorded manifestation: human male, mostly caucasian.

Age: early thirties.

Physical traits: of perfectly average height and build. Dark brown eyes and hair, with varying reports of reddish and/to/or greenish highlights dependant on the lighting and the seasons.

Markings: no visible scars or tattoos.


Species: unidentified/humanoid.

99% biological mass.

1% diabolical influences.

o.0∞1% mechanical.

Occupation: shinobi; combat, assassination, covert operations.

Combat styles: ninpō; close range mixed weapons/magic, short-long range magitek.

Main weapons: dual kodachi, zanbatō, magitek.

Primary training: togakure-ryū, alchemy, elemental magic, necromancy, magitek.

Magic schools: physical, raw channeling with special affinities in green(nature) and black(death) elements.

Defensive attributes: immune to most blood and death elemental based attacks, highly resistant to chemical and biological agents as well as nature based magics, but somewhat vulnerable to ecchi based strategies and tactics.

WARNING: fire damage taken may dramatically increase black(death) magitek power output; damage taken or given from light or life magic attacks, along with death and blood magic attacks, will drastically boost nature element related powers.

Technological augments: unregistered; custom made stealth and evasion technology, detection, tracking and targeting magitek compatible device integration implants.

Other: natural light-absorbing cloaking field, medium range teleportation capabilities, dual-powered photosynthetic-black magitek cell regeneration.

Piloting proficiency: magitek compatible.

Affiliations: rogue.


FID (Field Intelligence Gathering Division®) verified authentic personnel file.

serial: ❙❘❘❙❙❘❘❙❘❙❘❙❙❘❘❙❘❘❘❙❘❘❙❚❘❙

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Profile art: Bloodshot, by David Aja, promotional image from Valiant Entertainment comics.

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