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Well taking into account the fact that I am paranoid about internet stalkers, I won't be putting too much here..

Likes: Coffee (trying to break the addiction), anime (duh!!), cRPGS (aka Fallout), math (Geek alert!) , my dog (a Border Collie), messing with people (ooh, such fun) and did I mention I like anime?

Dislikes: Typing lists of my dislikes on the internet, stalker type people

Yeah, that's all you'll be getting from me and be happy you're getting this much. Damn stalkers..

Note: I rate my top 5 anime as the ones I am most likely to rewatch (if I ever run out of other stuff I want to see).

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VivisQueen Jan 18, 2008

Saw you on the users page, glad I checked you out, cause Beck is in your Top 5. Only a couple of days ago I wrote a review for Beck. Heh. Great stuff.

wolfangel87 Nov 20, 2007

Hahaha, yeah, I understand!  Don't want to take time out of watching anime!  Well, if you are ever bored keep it in mind, it would be interesting to see what you would recommend!  :)

wolfangel87 Nov 20, 2007

I bet you would be amazing for doing some recommendations with all of the anime you have seen!

You should try and fill out your profile a little more so that people could get to know you better!!!

Do you like coffee?