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My favourie genre is ROMANCE and I always go after happy endings :) After watching Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai I quit tragic genre, and developed a bad habit of if I think a Anime is going to end in a tragic way I start watchin it from the last episode which will ruin the fun of it even though its a damned happy end but it can't be helped, and its not that I have a life filled with problems but my logic is why should we watch others suffer when we already have enough problems in our life !?! Is that what you call entertainment ? Well I wouldn't dare ^_^

My most admired character list is filled with many, many that that I don't even remember some of their names :( well if someone ask me to name a few, the most notable ones are Victorique from Gosick / Whitebeard from One Piece/ Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann/ Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler / Holo from Spice and Wolf / Hitomi from Code:Breaker and the nutjobs from Joshiraku, specially Marii  and Kukuru ^_^

   Need a soul ?   

My most hated Anime characters are Light YAGAMI and Haruhi SUZUMIYA, do you guys remember the moment where Kyon try to hit Haruhi in the face when she tries to harass Mikuru (the mikuru beam girl xD) but he didn't because Itsuki interrupt him ? Damn if I got that chance I'd have given her a punch that she'd have remember for her lifetime ^_^

My life is filled with many stuff and I have done and I do so many things.. So for anime which is one of the best thing I've ever encountered > plan on watching every single Anime which suits my taste ^_^

ATTH     A True Story by Dario97 featuring himself as a akuma and the chief in charge of The Crystal Trident aka the Bloodlusters squad (some notable fellow member > Me/blazehack the Sadistic Godfather & anyteaxd chan who is also known as Amy the second in command (steals souls as a part timer and is a vampire who will drink blood eventually :P) / Bogg AKA B-san/some call him -chan too ^_^ (he the mighty B got a skateboard called Beat that can transform into a katana/baseball bat and last but not least into a chainsaw plus a pair of headphones called the Rhyme which grants him the power of Telepathy) / xShinigamiEyes chan and NarutoUzumakisWife chan friend duo who are extreme Sasuke and Naruto manics respectively :P NarutoUzumakisWife chan claims that she's Naruto's wife(already) but I wonder how Hinata would react!! oho well who cares Hinata can got to hell, no one can stand against the awesome of our power, no not even Hidden Leaf and our latest member Steeldude yes STEEL, Mattaku you don't want me to name all his powers do you ? Good coz he's all about STEEL xD
              + other minions are Chuck Norris AKA the candy raider/Chuckorito /Norricoco, Naruto(gone MIA), Sasuke, Samurai Pizza Cats Army, Avatar, Venom, Punisher, Jack Sparrow, Rikyu, Lord Vader, Sauron, Morgoroth, Beelzebub, Rin, Greed, Butter with Dynamite, Ugly-sama, Terry Ping, Gintoki, High School DxD chicks
                                         and finally the villainous villain chikoritaBH  ^_^

        visit ^> ATTH Official Blog (our taishou had to relocate our HQ to another place since sothis is gonna remove blog features from A-P which I'm totally AGAINST)

                                                           P.S don't forget to read all 16 chapters xD


P.S > I havent marked any anime watched more than once, thats kinda cheating you know I mean yea I have watched many anime like gintama and DC more than once but its not like you've watched a new episode of a new anime so its like a lame way to brag about the stuff you've watched :P

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Lumelko Feb 22, 2013

Wtf, that sounds f*cking awesome :O How's the situation right now?

Lumelko Feb 21, 2013

Domo ;) hmm? What do you mean by that I'm taking stuff too seriously?

It's very ambiguous when you say that's he's evil, but he means no harm xD

Lol, you've got some organization that's rebelling against him? :D This is starting to sound like one of those epic stories about a group of people starting revolution against an evil lord xD

And I'm just acting as kinda like a bodyguard, that's all :3

chikoritaBH Feb 20, 2013

Haha... xD I don't have any news from your fb group... I think you are already defeated by me... xD

Yeah... there's always someone who doesn't understand me... :P Just a true love can cure me... :P

It's about Japan... I already wrote it... xD

LeonardoKun Feb 15, 2013

I see you like comedy and romance as your favorite genres, so why don't you try this one: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. I hope you enjoy it! Iterashai ;D

chikoritaBH Feb 15, 2013

Yes! Nowadays I live in Gundam world... xD I still haven't started to write it... xD I still have 3 months... (therefore my watchtime still increasing xD) But I should quit watching soon and tell sothis I won't moderate for a while... :-)

It's about Japan and its expansion before and during World War II... :-) Its inner and international politics... :)

My life? School, anime, manga, school, anime, manga etc... xD