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Setzra Feb 7, 2012

Sounds like your family travels quite a bit. I'll keep an eye out for Vietnam, although I never had any plans to visit in the first place :) Must be exciting seeing the world and being able to go to different countries. You enjoy Japan the most so far?

Setzra Feb 6, 2012

Awesome figurines. Wish I had the one of Kanade :D No, was just curious about it. Studied abroad in Hiroshima for a while, so I was curious where you were. According to your profile your fifteen, so I was wondering if you made the trip because of your parent's work or because of studies or something. Just curiousity :)

jualseta Feb 5, 2012

Aww that's so sad. *fixes*


I started watching Madoka, and yes. I want to marathon it. But I don't want to fail classes so... I will have to watch one episode at a time. >_> It's pretty different from what I was expecting. Quite dark. Homura is great! I want to know more about her. And the abstract art kinda made me pause for a minute but it could be interesting. 

And that is how I feel about this season. Not great, but decent. Although there are a couple stand out shows. I'm really enjoying Nise (well, for the most part) and Brave 10. Ano Natsu, as well. And Another to a lesser degree. I dropped PoT though. And Symphogear too, lol. 

Setzra Feb 4, 2012

Pretty neat that you now live in Japan. Where do you live?

jualseta Feb 4, 2012

Well, you don't seem to use comments much, so this might not work but hiii! Haven't seen you on irc for a while. How're you doing?

How is this season going for you?