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Hello everybody, I'm Blankaex, your perfectly average non-Japanese anime watcher, with a slight twist: I (now) live in Japan!

Hobbies include, but are not limited to:


Before you begin a rant about my giving your favourite show a 2.5/5 star score, I'll have you know that 2.5 is perfectly half of 5. So it qualifies as a perfectly average and enjoyable watch for me. Anything below 2.5 is a "don't particularly like", and below 1~1.5 is either shounen or just plain shit. Above 2.5 equals a "pretty good", a 3.5~4+ would be "recommended", and 4.5 is "love it or we're enemies". I won't give anything a perfect score because #1, I don't believe in perfection (aside from myself, of course), and #2, giving something a perfect score just shows how much you actually thought about it.

Ratings aren't really meaningful anyway. If you really wanted to know what I thought of a show, check my blog and see if I've reviewed it. If I haven't, go ahead and ask me directly. Anyone's ratings, not just mine alone, should be taken with a pinch of salt. That being said, I'd gladly accept any friend requests and participate in any discussions you may have in mind.

My blog: Hipster Anime Blog

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shatnershaman says...

I dunno though, what's darker than Madoka? Elfen Lied is a story about a cute little puppy, Evangelion plays DDR, Mnemosyne has flowery lesbian love, Higuarshi is so cute I wanna take it home....

I guess maybe K-On cause of its excessive gore and violence is darker :D

Feb 8, 2012
shatnershaman says...


Madoka isn't dark? O_o


Half the screen is black :P

Feb 8, 2012
Minai99 says...

hahaha. I don't know why people say meduka is so dark, it really isn't. Just a bit of a twist. Anyways, how're you , blaenkex?

Feb 7, 2012
Setzra says...

Sounds like your family travels quite a bit. I'll keep an eye out for Vietnam, although I never had any plans to visit in the first place :) Must be exciting seeing the world and being able to go to different countries. You enjoy Japan the most so far?

Feb 7, 2012