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Hello everybody, I'm Blankaex, your perfectly average non-Japanese anime watcher, with a slight twist: I (now) live in Japan!

Hobbies include, but are not limited to:


Before you begin a rant about my giving your favourite show a 2.5/5 star score, I'll have you know that 2.5 is perfectly half of 5. So it qualifies as a perfectly average and enjoyable watch for me. Anything below 2.5 is a "don't particularly like", and below 1~1.5 is either shounen or just plain shit. Above 2.5 equals a "pretty good", a 3.5~4+ would be "recommended", and 4.5 is "love it or we're enemies". I won't give anything a perfect score because #1, I don't believe in perfection (aside from myself, of course), and #2, giving something a perfect score just shows how much you actually thought about it.

Ratings aren't really meaningful anyway. If you really wanted to know what I thought of a show, check my blog and see if I've reviewed it. If I haven't, go ahead and ask me directly. Anyone's ratings, not just mine alone, should be taken with a pinch of salt. That being said, I'd gladly accept any friend requests and participate in any discussions you may have in mind.

My blog: Hipster Anime Blog

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jualseta says...

Blanka I'm never on when you are ;_; Sorry, missed you like 4 times now. Guess we can just talk here. xP

How are things with you these days?

Mar 8, 2013
jualseta says...

Hehe well I'm about to sleep now, but highlight me or join my channel so if I'm on I'll actually see you~

How're you doing btw? Keeping busy?

Mar 3, 2013
jualseta says...

Heeey. I missed you last time you were on ;_; 

Next time you're on, come to my channel so I might actually see you. It's the same as my nick. ^^ 

Mar 3, 2013
jualseta says...

Hehe silly blanka. Come back soon! And Merry Christmas!  

Dec 25, 2012
jualseta says...

Omg Blanka! Where have you been =(

Dec 23, 2012