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i love anime

i am also a Jack of All Trades because i can do anything and will do anything for the right incentive except lick my eblow and spell proprely(i need spell check).

i nearly have filled my terabtye with anime so i brought a another one. 

i have been watching anime for six years i think.

over the summer i went to Japan for 14 day total that includes the flight time. i plan on going again in 2 years. if anyone is interested  in coming along or going to a country by yoursevles or with friends,let me know because i work for a company that does tours to foreign countries for great deals for poeple 18 to 27 (maybe 28, not sure though but i can find out) and can hook yall up. my trip costed me under 3000 dollars and that included hotels, transportion bewteen cities,and a full time bilingual tour guide.

please any comments you want or ask any question you want to ask me and i mean anything.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Bekutoru Jun 30, 2016

Yo! "Bekutoru" is just the loanword version of "Vector," if you catch my drift. 8)

TheRegretful777 Jun 23, 2016

You got challeneged by a Tet Cosplay!?!? Dude! That would have been freaking Gold Memory Lane right there! I'd take a video and watch it over and over! <3


VampGirl Oct 31, 2014

I Hope you have a Happy Halloween 2014 :)

HikaruTenshi Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to you too! ^_^


HikaruTenshi Dec 24, 2010

You are welcome. ^_^