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What to say, what to say....

Well I like anime (obviously). :P

My favorite shows are action, comedy, drama, mecha, fantasy, or sci-fi anime. I'll watch pretty much anything unless theres something I object to in the series. I love laughing during comedies like School Rumble, pounding my chest during action anime like Gurren Lagann and crying my eyes out in dramas like Toradora!! and Elfen Lied. I love a strong plot and great characters and finding an anime that makes me think about it for weeks after is such a joy.

If you haven't seen Last Exile I highly recommend it! :)

I'm also really into airsofting and videogames. I love playing singleplayer games and some online games. I love RPGs (like Mass Effect and Tales of Symphonia) and shooters (like Battlefield). if you wanna play my gamertag is "blackmesaboy" (360). I also love listening to music and reading a good fantasy or sci-fi book. I also love the outdoors.

I love meeting new people so if you wanna chat comment on my page.

I live in Washington State so if your in the Seattle area I'd love to meet you and maybe we could go to a con together!

God Bless and have a great day! :)

My rating system:

If your wondering how I rate anime I rate shows simply on how much enjoyement did I get from watching a series. Shows I rate highly are not ones I am saying are "the best anime ever", they just entertained me the most. I try to be fair with my ratings and I am usually a little generous with my scores but I think I do a good job and my rating shows how I feel towards a show. If I drop a show that I'm not enjoying I try not to give low scores because most of the time its simply just not a show for me and I'm not going to give it a 1/5 just because it wasn't my cup of tea. If a show is poorly done however I'll give it a score to reflect that.

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0yemiserly1 Mar 11, 2013

Steins;Gate was awesome! 5 big stars from me.

Can I lend it to Beckie or do you need it back sooner?

0yemiserly1 Feb 18, 2013

Not so, Oh Great and Mighty Nephew type person! I had already given my love to Elelu, Benawi, Karura and Kouro weeks ago when we were midway through the series. Hakouro and Touka I decided on afterward. So there! I was borderline on hating Aruru, but decided to give the little monster a break for now. I see there's some specials and a three episode OVA so there's still time to influence me when/if I get around to those.

Chobits is cute and funny, I think you'll enjoy it. Crispin Freeman is excellent (as usual) and has a lot of fun with his role. It'll be interesting to see how Steins Gate plays out.

Saturday was awesome! A very special memory to share a big screen Miyazaki experience with two of my favorite people.

0yemiserly1 Feb 14, 2013

They certainly can be irritating. I'll be interested to hear what brought this on though, a bad session of reading reviews, I'd guess!

Just got an e-mail from Beckie, the Ghibli Retrospective is back in Seattle! But just like last time we've found out about it way late and will be scrambling to see if we can make it over to catch something. Are you free at all this weekend? If we are able to settle on a time and you are free as well, it would rock if you could come with.

0yemiserly1 Sep 8, 2012

Hmm, Blackmesaboy,... I vaguely remember you. Have you been gone somewhere? :-P

Even though I'm not very familiar with the games, both Vesperia and the Tales of the Abyss series (which I also gave 4.5) are hitting all the right notes with me. Like with Last Exile, the world is a very rich and multi layered, fascinating place. All the key elements of story, characters and animation range from well done to very well done IMO, not really anything I can think of to dislike. Just really good entertainment! :-)

Glad to see you finally got the last episode of Bodacious Space Pirates taken care of!

flood9710 Jun 12, 2012

Hands off!!!!!!