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What to say, what to say....

Well I like anime (obviously). :P

My favorite shows are action, comedy, drama, mecha, fantasy, or sci-fi anime. I'll watch pretty much anything unless theres something I object to in the series. I love laughing during comedies like School Rumble, pounding my chest during action anime like Gurren Lagann and crying my eyes out in dramas like Toradora!! and Elfen Lied. I love a strong plot and great characters and finding an anime that makes me think about it for weeks after is such a joy.

If you haven't seen Last Exile I highly recommend it! :)

I'm also really into airsofting and videogames. I love playing singleplayer games and some online games. I love RPGs (like Mass Effect and Tales of Symphonia) and shooters (like Battlefield). if you wanna play my gamertag is "blackmesaboy" (360). I also love listening to music and reading a good fantasy or sci-fi book. I also love the outdoors.

I love meeting new people so if you wanna chat comment on my page.

I live in Washington State so if your in the Seattle area I'd love to meet you and maybe we could go to a con together!

God Bless and have a great day! :)

My rating system:

If your wondering how I rate anime I rate shows simply on how much enjoyement did I get from watching a series. Shows I rate highly are not ones I am saying are "the best anime ever", they just entertained me the most. I try to be fair with my ratings and I am usually a little generous with my scores but I think I do a good job and my rating shows how I feel towards a show. If I drop a show that I'm not enjoying I try not to give low scores because most of the time its simply just not a show for me and I'm not going to give it a 1/5 just because it wasn't my cup of tea. If a show is poorly done however I'll give it a score to reflect that.

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KageNoArashi Dec 15, 2013

Time has changed since your last reply to me @_@, and rori is no longer the most reliable anime reviewer on the net xP.

I found this guy's channel a few weeks ago on Youtube and I instantly became a supporter, he goes by the name of tamerainproductions. Do check him out and give him support(yeah trying to promote this guy), a charasmatic individual making very intellegent reviews and he provides very interesting arguments and viewpoints to a particular anime, he's relatively new(4 reviews i believe) and has only 4k++ subs yet he does his job much better than ALL the anime reviewers i've seen on Youtube combined with rori.

KageNoArashi Nov 6, 2013

After such a long time, i couldn't disagree with you lol.

Your point about him hating just about everything, took me awhile to notice but indeed, his reviews consist of mostly critism and he rarely talks about the good things (eg.His Fate/Zero review, and i'm not even big on F/Z. "F/Z is good when it comes to mature talks, but fails at [3-4 paragraphs of critism], and it is the best tournament anime out there right now").

But imo he's still quite reliable, more so than the Youtube reviewers(again it's my opinion, i find them too lenient with the scores :P) and most of the paid reviewers from the site. I find most of his criticisms to be quite valid, since you can kinda tell how an anime will be like just by looking at it.

It is definitely hard to determine qualities of er... not so well done anime from rori's reviews. But when it comes to quality anime, it is distinguishable, like FMAB, Legends Of The Galaxic Hero and Tatami Galaxy(<--great show btw :P), ironically because of his negative reviews lol.

I haven't really come across another guy who is much more reliable than he is, so he still stands as the most reliable anime reviewer imo. Though as I progressively follow him, i see bits and pieces of his personality unveil in front of me and man is he a dick at times xD.

I used to like him, but right now... i have my doubts :P...

0yemiserly1 Aug 22, 2013

I have absolutely NO idea how that happened!! I haven't even been on this site today until now! Weird,.., :-(

0yemiserly1 Mar 28, 2013

Hey you! I have the latest Higurashi book and the first issue of the new Dragon Age mini series in! I have your card info still, would it be easier to run it for you and bring the stuff this weekend? Let me know.

0yemiserly1 Mar 13, 2013

Impudent whelp! Hang up on your Uncle, why don't you??

Oh well. :-( We had a good chat, it was fun! Let me know what you have planned for the weekend when you get the chance.