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Story: By far Queen's Blade has to have one the greatest well driven storys! Having all of these characters each with her own noble reason to win the Queen's Blade tournament. From episode two I was already hooked on this epic story, after hearing how one girl would win the tournament to save the children of the land. While next episode they introduced a shrine madien fighting to save her country from the corrupted goverment! With so many characters with strong resolves to win, Queen's Blade story was one heck of a rollercoster!Animation: This is a 2009 anime and it lives well up to it's expections! Everything is amazingly well drawn from the characters themselves to the breath-taking backrounds. Fights are beautifuly animated from the simple moments, to things such as "Claudette's" lighting.Sound: The sound track for Queen's Blade was perfect! Beautiful mellow songs for peaceful and funny moments and epic battle sound tracks for the fights. I could not find a moment where I couldn't stand the soundtrack. The Japanese voices were fairly good, but so far I've found the english dub to be far better. To me the english voices just seem to be a perfect fit for each characters and help bring out more from them, where as that wasen't the case with Japanese voices.Characters: I found a majority of the characters to be very memorable. Then with so many characters each with her set of morals and vaules you could easily relate to one. Character growth was amazing, just looking at the main character alone. The characters are unique and very likeable, even the annoying characters I grew to love by the end of the series.Overall: Queen's Blade has got to be one the best animes I seen in a long time. While I would love to award this anime with a ten out ten, it was just some aspects of the anime that "kind of draged it down". While I find a little fan service is ok now then for the sake of humor. In Queen's blade the over use of it made Queen's Blade seem childish at times and at points ruined the epic atmosphere. Of course this didn't ruin the show entierly, but it was a speed bump on this rollercoster of a story. I would still highly recommend this anime to anyone, just as long as you can be mature about it you will find a great story, amazing animation, and deep unique characters.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Lutefisk says...

I guess there is someone else in the world that agrees with me that Queen's Blade has a rich and interesting plot and characters. Honestly this show makes me think about all sorts of things from culture to morality to philosophy. It's not just about showing off the assets of the characters, it showcases their drive, their desires, and motivations. As much as I usually enjoy ecchiness I find that this show really doesn't need it to be great.

Nov 18, 2010
Galadriel says...

Correction, this is a 2009 production same like its sequel. And its not just a lil "fan-service" tbh, this is borderline H, if ya know what i mean. Btw shows like these usually dun have much of a story and much character development since even the action sequences were used for fan-service as well. I liked it too however some aspects shud not be overlooked just like that.

Aug 29, 2010