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I've been watching anime for years now and love this website for keeping track of everything. There is so much to watch and so little time in my life. You can never get board with anime with new things coming out all the time, my life has been ruined by it but it has also been there to get me through some hard times. Theres always a favorite show or episode you might have that will always cheer you up.

My all time favorite show is Full Metal Alchemist! I can watch it over and over and over and who doesn't love ED? actually almost all the characters in that show have a specal place in my heart.

I love romantic comedys. I also get in the mood to watch Korean dramas and movies, they are really addicting at times. I'm always looking for new shows to watch and add to my long list, so please message me if you have a favorite you want to share!


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lil1doll Mar 17, 2015

Oh my gosh so sorry to hear that :( My one grandma that was doing bad is actually doing a lot better now. I just saw her and the difference is amazing. She had like these weird tumors and on top of that they took out one of her intestines. The tumors are going to grow back but hopefully they don't for a long time cause she said that she doesnt think that she could handle another surgery. So yeah hopeuflly they take a really long time. 

AND CHRIS PRATT IS SO FRIGGEN HAWT!! Love Andy, hes such a weirdo but hes so sweet. Him and April are adorbs. 

Oh my gosh good for you!!! Im still not 100 percent sure about what I want to do. I am still getting my Gen Eds done, so I have a little bit more time until I have to pick classes that actually have to do with what I want. I think I want to do graphic design but the problem is I have never done it before so I dont even know if Id be good at it or if I would like it. I think Im gonna take 1 class in the summer for it just to see if I like it before I waste my time on it. If I decide not to do it then oops...I dont really have a backup plan.




ok peaceeeee

lil1doll Feb 25, 2015

Omg good for you! I need a boyfriend asap!   Yeah I just got my first job a few months ago at this local store that's like a mix between a target and a Walmart. It pretty cool haha. But omg these past few months were like the worst of my life!  both of my grandmas at the same time had to go to the hospital.  One for a hip replacement (It's not serious but it sucks cause she lives with me and I have to help her. Like,  I bathe her...  -_- ).  My other grandma had like a super serious surgery before Christmas which was really hard emotionally, but she's doing good.  Plus Im working now,  and school,  and yeah That's my life right now. 

omg Netflix is my lyfee! If you like the office you will probably libe Parks and Recreation.  I'm watching it now. But if you do start it I just want to warn you the first season isn't as good as the rest of it so I would just bare with it. 

Also, if you have not watched Friends I HIGHLY recommend it.  it is seriously my favorite show ever,  I have never laughed harder while watching a show before. So yeah do it!

It's weird not being in high school.  I cant believe it's been almost a year.  I feel like summer just ended. OMG SUMMER! I SAW 1 DIRECTION AHHHHHHHHHHH!  my friend was like "we should go" and I was like "ya" and then we Baught tickets like 2 weeks before.  best concert ever! 



lil1doll Jan 8, 2015


Summer was great! I dont even remember thing I talked to you about. Korean Dramas? I dont know haha. I havent watched anything until seriously like two weeks ago when I binged watched on netflix. I saw Attack on Titan which was amazeballs. 

So how is your life??

lil1doll Jun 28, 2014

OMG SORRY I DID IT AGAIN! and i saw the movie and i cried! Shalene  woodley (or whatever) is such a good actress! 

And I just realized I will probably not see half of my friends until like, our reunion or whatever. My friends are like super smart, like top of my class (I know them through marching band) And im like not smart....well not as smart as them. they all got like 29-35's on their ACT. So they have like scholorships all over the countyr, One of them is going all the way to california, another new york, andother kentucky, another florida, and i dont remember the rest, but im staying here. Luckily kristen is just going to be an hour away. Shes my best friend, i dont know how i would live if she went to friggen cali! AHHHH anywayyyyyy my cousin's wedding is tmrw so that should be fun. Gotta love polish weddings haha!

And are you still watching attack on titan? I am watching game of thrones and orange is the new black. They are both...very interesting haha. I havent been in the mood for anime lately. I remember last summer that that was like, all I did. Idk hopefully something new and cool will come out.

lil1doll Jun 1, 2014

Oh yeah gurl, watch out for the carnival creepers haha. Seriously though, carry some pepper spray or something. I jog in the night like a creep, and my subdivision is righ next to a forest perserve so my neighboorhood is like foresty and the houses are far apart (Not like, in the woods, but there are alot of trees and the houses are like 50 feet apart), but i changed my running track to a different part of my subdivision because im trying to run farther, and this new area is even more foresty and the houses are even more farther apart. My neighborhood also doesnt have streetlights or sidewalks, so im basically running on the road in the dark. So ive been like tweeking and i think im gonna start running with a knife, just in case.

I just read the fault in our stars........omg i cant even wait for the movie, which is like, five days away!!!!! AHHHH DID YOU READ IT?????

OMG yay co worker anime loving friend!!!! Yeah during school i had gym, but no seniors take gym (we could waver out of if junior year) but i did this program where i was required to take gym, so my gym class was freshman and sophomores. And every class we just walked the track for 20 minutes before doing activities. SOOO i knew no one so i just walked with this random girl i kinda knew from marching band and it turns out she loved anime too!! so that was cool haha!

WOOH I hope you have fun!! And that you actually get to go this time haha! tell me how it goes!

And gurrlllll! You watched basically everything i have! Just watch a random one haha, if not just rewatch one you havent seen in a while, that always works for me! If you want something funny and random i reccomend the daily lives of highschool boys. Its so random and funny and it pefectly depicts the stupidity of the teenage male.

I just googled "anime generator" and here are some random ones haha!



Kodomo no Jikan

attack on titan <<<< #9 on the site so probably really good

no game no life

yeah these are just random haha sorry, hopefully it gives you something