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I like to keep it ~kind of~ short, so here it is:

Me - I happen to be Cat, the kindest jerk you will ever see!

Anime - Well, the first anime I have watched was.. Pokemon, lol. Not really. I think the first one I saw was Rurouni Kenshin, it was aired on TV. I think I was the only kid who watched that, instead of watching Sailor Moon, as any other gal around here, or DBZ. BUT I have started watching real anime in 2006 I think. So, my first love was Death Note. My favorite genres are dark, horror and psychological. I like mindf*ck anime a lot! But, I can't refuse neither a good comedy nor a good romance. But the fact is that I don't like those stereotypical plots and heroes, such as gals with a preanut brain and oppai charmed by overly-excited hot-tempered guys, I get bored easily... The anime should either affect my emotions (in a good way, yea) or it should make me think, like, analyze a certain situation (that's why God put that piece of wrinkled meat named 'brain' inside anyone's head, not because it would stop the rain falling down the throat).

Also, I absolutely loathe those anime which are dubbed in English. English voice actors are absolutely terrible! Well, most of them, that is. Especially when they pronounce Japanese names with an English accent. I feel no emotion coming out of their voices. I also hate those helium girl voices which are too squeaky for me to bear .. Bloody gals, isn't it hard to keep talking like that? Aya Hirano-ishish

Ratings - If I don't like an anime I simply won't watch it anymore ! So that's why there are not many animes with a low rating in my list. 


Ok, too much monkey bubbles butt poo for a single description, sooo .. that's all, mates.

End of story.





I'd rather throw an acorn at a squirrel...  

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dgmikep Jul 25, 2011

La ce te mai uiti? Pana in Octombrie ai destul timp sa vezi toate animeurile de la want to watch :D Sau poti avea o viata linistita fara sa vezi unu... ce o sa faci? :D

Am aruncat un o privire la ratingurile date de tine la animeuri... o sa imi ia ceva timp sa imi revin :P

dgmikep Jul 22, 2011

*sneak in*

Haruhi are propia ei religie:

Haruhism: The "religion" of people who are fan of the popular anime series 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya'. Haruhism is taken from the first name of the main character of the anime, Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhist's usually participate in activites related to the anime, such as doing the popular dance seen in the anime (Known as 'Hare Hare Yukai'), as well as other activites such as forming their own "SOS Brigades"

*sneak out*

craniu Jul 22, 2011

completare din urma, urasc sa las intrebari fara raspuns

deci sa vedem........ aha

- dulciuri zici , eu bag la ciocolata crema ,borcan dupa borcan, ii un desert nelipsit , merge cu "orice" : clatite, gris cu lapte, mamaliga, paine... da , dentistul ma iubeste (luni ma duc la un periaj)

- k'mon ,nu's batran , uite te las sa ghicesti , am si indicii - pot sa-ti bunic, , 2.nici tata , 3. poate un frate mai mare

- carti S.F. am citit si yo de Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Frank Herbert etc. o gramada, comandam prin posta de trebuia sa astept sa editeze altele, asa am ajuns sa port ochelari pt citit, calculatorul a preluat sarcina de a ma orbi , "ete chioru"

- astazi am citit la sange introducerea lui Cat si am vazut id de mes si am zis ca "i want somth if you want somth", o sa testez sper ca nu zgarie....- cred ca asta'i tot........ am uitat, zimi niste formatii de screamo ca am cautat yo dar poate stii ceva mai bun

craniu Jul 21, 2011

Bravoooooooooo, Cata ! Ole, ole! Omedeto gozaimasu !? drept sa spun eram ingrijorat de ce sa spun daca nu intrai , ii mai usor sa feliciti:] pe cineva decat sa consolezi Y_Y

- yes my mistress *), am sa ma straduiesc mai mult si am sa mai infloresc si o prezentare cat de cat, maine ma apuc de treaba, si tre sa recuperez cateva postari peste care am sarit

- pai Berserk nu s-a  terminat chiar rau , eu am citit si din manga XP, Guts ii nemuritor "ca yo" , pe mine m-a enervat la culme Haruhi Suzumiya (egoismul in persoana,o urasc), imi pare rau ca nu a fost Kyon mai dur cu ea in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4(a intervenit ranjitul de Koizumi),yo o trimiteam la pescuit extraterestri in Marea moarta

- Mutio ~imi plac ciresele( Blue submarine No.6 -o capodopera), e o femeie-peste(alterare genetica), un fel de sirena , cred ca am fost hipnotizat de ea, daca esti curioasa incearca animele , doar 4ep

craniu Jul 20, 2011

Cata vad ca esti plina de energie in avatar , sper ca ai reusit la ex,  am incercat sa schimb ceva pe la mine dar am avut oooo uURGENTA si am oprit pe la mijloc, oricum cred ca numai de mine NU ai chef azi , "am incalecat pe-o sa" si am plecat pe jos.......