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about me

Yea, I watch anime quite a bit.

Always in need of recommendations, so I decided to make a profile.

I dont include movies or 1 episode OVA's in my lists, so please dont talk to me about them, or anything like that.

Feel free to comment on my profile or message me or whatever, but dont get heartbroken when I forget to comment back for a month or longer, because I rarely come here.

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June 12, 2008

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July 26, 2009

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CPDesolationist avatar CPDesolationist


Nov 30, 2011

If you want some suggestions, it does depend on preference. As far as I am preferenciated (is that even a word..), I would suggest to you Fate/Stay Night, and Angel Beats.

Hikaru avatar Hikaru


Sep 24, 2008

Your avatar complements your profile and vise versa, as far as recommendations go, that all depends on your preferences.

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