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WhenI look for animes, I usually check if they have the following factors that I believe that makes a good anime, and if at least 4 of these factors are in the anime... then it's somewhat decent:

1. Good Graphics

2. Good Storyline (Plot)

3. Good Voice Acting

4. Good Story Tone

5. Good Characters

6. Good Emotional Intensity

7. Etc...

* Also, I wanted to add a list of highly acclaimed and well respected english voice actors. * (For those of you who prefer subs over dubs...type in one of their names in one of their animes, go to, search for it and watch the first couple of episodes in dub...and you will think to yourself "Why the hell have I been watching subs all this time?...when I could be enjoying dubs!!!")

* I suggest visiting the top 5 people on this list...for they are the best of the best...crème de la crème... This list pertains to my taste:

1. Johnny Yong Bosch (Plays Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach)

2. Michelle Ruff (Plays Rukia Kuchiki in Bleach)

3. Stephanie Sheh (Plays Orihime Inoue in Bleach)

4. Wendee Lee (Plays Rushuna Tendo in Bleach and Grenadier)

5. Liam O'Brien (Plays Archer in Fate Stay Night)

6. Bridget Hoffman (Plays Mahoro Andou in Mahoromatic)

7. Kari Wahlgren (Plays Robin Sena in Witch Hunter Robin)

8. Carrie Savage (Plays Nina Sakura in Ultra Maniac)

9. Kate Higgins (Plays Saber in Fate Stay Night)

10. Derek Stephen Prince (Plays Uryū Ishida in Bleach)

11. Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Plays Rin Todoroki in Mahoromatic)

12. Dave Wittenberg (Plays Michael Lee in Witch Hunter Robin)

13. Kirk Thornton (Plays Jin in Samurai Champloo)

14. Sam Riegel (Plays Shirou Emiya in Fate Stay Night)

15. Lara Jill Miller (Plays Karen Onodera in Please Twins!)

16. Luci Christian (Plays Mari Nishino in This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)

17. Jessica Boone (Plays Yuna Miyama in Maburaho)

18. Tiffany Grant (Plays Kuriko Kazetsubaki in Maburaho)

19. Kim Prause (Plays Rin Kamishiro in Maburaho)

20. Monica Rial (Plays Lumière in Kiddy Grade)

* If anyone knows a website that allows you to watch free anime (specifically English Dubbed Anime), please leave a comment...(No offence to the people who watch Subs...but I get tired of reading my you

* Also, if anyone here plays Halo...send me a message at my aim...

* Links:

1. ßØT¬Clan Website for Halo:

2. Photo Website: (Upload your photos here)

3. Infinite Anime Links: (Popular links for anime here)

4. Free Videos:

5. Free Games:

6. Free Encyclopedia: (Learn everything here)

7. Free Anime Songs: (Free anime songs here)

8. Free Music: (Get free music here)

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sothis Sep 11, 2007

I think there's one or two people who have cheated and marked everything in the AniRec, but for someone who is close, look up Firestorm. ^_^ He's at at least 8 months, I think...