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Aug 10, 2012


ChuBra!! is a anime about a girl named Nayu who has what some would call an osession with underwear, not specifically panties but Bras as well, she starts off having no friends at the middle school which she just started at but ends up having 2 best friends (Yako & Haruka) A Potential Love Interest (Hiroki) and another female friend (Kiyono). As the story progresses Nayu's obsession with underwear becomes less and less obscure, she tries to form a underwear club but the idea is shot down due to Hiroki unintentionally causing a scene by busting up a peeping tom session by some of the other boys, instead of a club they form a society since societies dont directly connect to the school but is watched over by one of the young school teachers (Tamaki Mizuno ) Nayus brother is a underwear designer and also a former schoolmate to Mizuno, Mizuno and Nayu's brother (Keigo) are shown to have love interests in each other but never take the feelings and act upon them, same is the situation between Nayu and Hiroki, because these love interests were never acted upon it left you feeling somewhat empty by the end, like an episode was missing,thefore earning the story A 7 Out Of 10


I find the animation in this anime to be very well done but the lighting in some scenes is sometimes too much therefore earning A 8 Out Of 10


The sound quality was consistent and very good but lacked slightly in the musical area therefore earning sound A 9 Out Of 10


All the characters are very good but because of the unexplored love lines the characters earn A 7 Out Of 10


i liked this anime and i wanted to love it but because the characters couldnt love each other, i couldnt love this, Overall Score - 7Out Of 10

6/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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