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What?! No anime ratings?

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Nitroglycerin says...


Thanks for that huuugee comment! I'll er get to watch some sort of anime soon I hope, but alas, University is getting in the way. [SIX MONTHS TILL IM FREE!!!!!] But I'll bear your reccomendations in mind! :D

Once thats over im gonna be having one hell of an anime session and watch a whole show in a day or something like i used to (or tried to..) and I might end up back a mod on tv-l to get the anime section sorted on that too! YAY.

Hope you're well and i'll see ye around on tv-l forums no doubt.



Jan 5, 2009
Drahken says...

BWAHAHAHA!! My sig hath lured in another unsuspecting victim!

Dec 23, 2008
Davey says...

Welcome @ AP!Great Ava! =D

Dec 23, 2008
Kaiten says...

Hello and Welcome to Anime-Planet ^_^

Btw I see you have a great taste when it gets down to choosing an avatar =P

Dec 23, 2008
FlameOn says...

hi and welcome to the avatar:D

Dec 23, 2008