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What?! No anime ratings?

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sothis says...

Berserk and Gungrave are AWESOME!! Good choices ;)

Oct 26, 2007
VivisQueen says...

Hey there! Escaflowne has a 26 episode series and one movie (which is a retelling of the series with better animation but far far inferior storytelling). Anyway, if you click on the AniRec entry for Escaflowne the series, you can read my review of it. It's my favourite anime of all time, and it basically combines excellent unique mecha, action, high epic fantasy, and romance. It's a bit of a classic in general terms as well. Do check it out!

Sep 7, 2007
VivisQueen says...

See how it brightens up the place a little to have a Top 5? Death Note AND Claymore in it aswell - I'm impressed because they're two of my favourites too. And thanks for the info on DMC, I'm not too worried about there not being much of a story. Let's face it, the games were more style than plot. Lol.

Sep 6, 2007
VivisQueen says...

Heya, saw you randomly on the user page and noticed you were watching Devil May Cry. It's on my 'want to watch' list. What do you think of it so far? And by the way, where is your Top 5, man? Fill it out, fill it out!

Sep 6, 2007