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Fishfreeek avatar Fishfreeek


Jun 10, 2010
therik avatar therik


Jun 25, 2009

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments on my review. However, you probably don't need to look at my top 5 to see why I didn't love Eureka Seven (I liked it, and 7/10 is a pretty repectable score). The thing is, becuase I wrote a review rather than just a score, you'll find I actually explained all my reasons there. Certainly you're free to disagree with me, but I'd find it far, far easier to respond to you if you could pick up a certain point on which our opinions differ.

In any case, I'm happy for you that you enjoyed Eureka Seven



Nax1337 avatar Nax1337


May 4, 2009

the European Parliament is about to vote on the Telecoms Package (May 6th) and throughout the Internet, many thousands of people, including myself, are now very concerned about how this will limit our freedom and how it will affect business in the EU.

The core principles of the Internet that have brought us unparalleled freedom of expression, explosion of grassroots movements and an incredible amount of business growth and innovation are being threatened by certain amendments that will now be voted on.

These new laws will permit our broadband provider to offer a restricted service, blocking our access to any site or service they choose. I'm concerned that these amendments will kill the life of the Internet as we know it and could have a serious, detrimental impact on Europe's economy.

Please protect our rights as online citizens, support amendments which safeguard our rights to access and distribute content, services and applications. And reject any text which talks about 'the promotion of lawful content' or placing limitations, restrictions or conditions on our Internet access. In particular, I would like you to guarantee my rights to freely use the Internet, and ensure that all websites and services are accessible to all users.

Please support Amendment 138 and Amendment 166 in their original form, and all of the Citizen's rights amendments. These amendments correct all the problems that I am concerned about within the Package, remove the open door to "three strikes" policies and protect me and other users against abusive "discrimination" or blocking practice by operators.

- Is this something we want? This wasn't written by me, read it carefully.


shadowds avatar shadowds


Apr 30, 2009

o cool thx for telling me i watch it sometime ^^

shadowds avatar shadowds


Apr 30, 2009

that cool so what show is she from?

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