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My friends made me watch anime against my will and now I'm a junkie!!!

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What?! No manga ratings?

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PrincessAhiru Jan 15, 2008

she is wearing blue!!! with blue wings! 

im not only going to catch up, im going to watch more anime than all of you!! it just may take a couple of years.

wolfangel87 Jan 7, 2008

Oh yay!!!!  That is great!

wolfangel87 Jan 7, 2008

AMAZING signature!   I love your name too!

Artemis Nov 23, 2007

So, i know like nothing about you!  lol  your avatar(profile pic) is soooo cute, bet you didn't know that?  Huh?  Huh? Huh?  lol  So yea.  Someone was saying that the only comments on your profile was made by her(but you can't guess who) and one or two other random people, so i will just have to change that!  Cause i'm totally not random...  ^-^  Ok, so actually i'm not.  anyways, this is going to be really really long cause i said so.  You wanna know why i said so, well, because your currentally looking at a magazine with Joyfoy without me...  It's sad...  Ok, so i'm not really that upset.  Bet your shocked.  lol  So i'm running out of things to type, so i'll just talk about how were never going to catch up to you on your anime watching.  I mean you just keep going and going and going...  just like the energizer bunny!  Yep!  The energyzier bunny you year of the rabbit person!!!  Yea, i called you a rabbit!  Cute and dumb.  And man do you feel both!!!  jk.  Your only dumb when you try to argue with me.  ^-^  Can't you feel the love!  Well, your done with the magazine now, so i'll end the message here!!!  lol  Love you and talk to you later!!!

Iria Nov 22, 2007

I just looked up puni and it said it was a spin off of excel saga so shouldn't you watch excel first maybe. Plus even if you don't watch zreo no tsukaima you should see the endin theme to the sequel. It's so funny! Will you just to apease me? I promise you'll laugh.