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about me

I'm Not that good at Eanglish grammar Sorry

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So here i am trying to write a profile after almost 3 years of anime-planet activity

I was surfing trough the site and found out that there are quite a few ROMANIANS

on the site, Oh, by the way I am ROMANIAN so i tought that i need to know some

people with the same interests as me But the majority of them had a profile so that

is the reason why i decided that i need one.


The first anime that i saw was Dragon Ball Z. who was aired back then on tv

at the time i think i was 6 or 7 years old, or it was Sailor moon that I watched

Oh F*** sailor moon, My sister loved the show and at a point she even put me to wear

a dress saying that she needed a Girl companion and not a Boy .Haha I so Hated that

time But that aside my first real encounter with anime was 5 Years ago, at the time a

good friend of mine went to high scool in a neighboring city and had a colleague who

was obsessed with this one anime that was Naruto, So I started watching Naruto and in

5 days 220 episodes were done. and that is how i started waching anime


I don't have a top 10 Favorites but i can give you some that i licked and still remember

First lets start with anime.

One Piece FTW


Deth Note

Clannad + After Story


Natsume Yuujinchou All of it

Angel Beats!

Gurren Lagann

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion + R2

Guilty Crown

Sword Art Online

Hajime no Ippo

Hellsing OVA

Eden of the East

Bakemonogatari All of it

XXXHOLiC All of it

Tsubasa Chronicle All of it

Mirai Nikki TV

Elfen Lied

Fairy Tail


Gintama All of it

Naruto + Shippuden


Detective Conan.

And i better stop here for naw

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