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Bleach vs Naruto


It's obvious to say the Naruto and Bleach are probably two of the biggest Animes in the world and I find myself in constant inner turmoil as to which I prefer out of the two. Both animes seem to have their ups and downs in terms of plot and content. Naruto it seems has the more complex story yet recently I'm finding Bleach more appealing as it seems to be directed to a much older audience. Decisions, decisions!

It's safe to say that I'm not going to decide which I like more between the two, but that I'd rather both manga/anime creators get a move on to release more chapters!

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puriful avatar puriful
Sep 24, 2011

Have you picked your favorite yet?

I'm pretty sure my fav is Naruto. I'm only on ep 198 of Naruto, but out of all those eps I know I like it better than the 336 eps I've seen of Bleach. lol

You're right though, each has their ups and downs, but I just like Naruto better. I think he has more personal struggles to overcome than Ichigo. All around there is much more depth to the storyline, which is what I like in an anime... depth.

Thanks for posting this! :)

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