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A little about me:

I feel old and I've been on this website forever so I've decided to switch up my profie a bit- not that anyone reading this now has any prior knowledge of the previous bio, therefore making that whole statement kind of irrelevant. Let's just say it's for me, and my sanity. 

Anyways, hiya there!

I used to watch a lot more anime, but I have self-diagnosed anime-ADHD that causes me to lose interest in a series if I am unable to watch it in it's entirity in like 3 days. I have so many half finished series, it's pretty adorable.

I am mainly a manga/ comic book girl now. Despite my overwhelming love of Stan Lee and the wonders of the Marvel Movie Universe(s), I'm a big fan of DC Comics and in some alternate reality would marry Barry Allen or Dick Grayson (sorry Iris and Babsy)... as for manga, well if you are so inclined you can scroll down and see what I have documented... it should be up to date, more or less.

Thanks for stopping by!

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MageOnx Sep 20, 2010

Right on, hetero relationships rule (I don't want to get mixed up in anti-gay society, but it just feels more romantic and natural the old-fashioned way; don't call me wierd!).

Yay, Zuko! My favourite too! *melts*

Well, even if Death Note kept loosing your attention, I think Eden of the East will stick with you because it has more romance (actually, it HAS romance, while Death Note doesn't at all). And besides, the main male protagonist, Takizawa Akira, is sooooooooooo cute and funny! I don't know if you'll like all aspects of it, but some parts you'll definitelly enjoy!^^ Anyway, take your time starting to watch, because you really need to keep your focus on the series the whole time.

Another something, since we're talking about romance: ever watched Kaichou wa Maid-sama!? It's the BEST romance anime that I'VE ever seen! (only 26 eps T^T)

MageOnx Sep 16, 2010

Ah, Chowder and Flap Jack have very rich sound. Have you ever watched Ben 10 or Avatar: the Last Airbender? I was just curious, because they're not anime, and are from America (at least Ben 10 is). Anyway, we have simmilar tastes so I befriended you, hope you don't mind. I love you because you love Alois Trancy and Detective Conan! And I also hate shonen-ai and shojo-ai, so there's another thing to notice when reading my account. Also, don't take the description too seriously because I haven't edited that since I joined this community. If you like more serious anime, I strongly reccomend Death Note and Eden fo the East.

deideiblueeyez Aug 30, 2010

Aww, yeah! Chowder and Adventure Time Pwns all American Cartoons!! :D

voldiaran Aug 25, 2010

i am!!!! haha like you said you username is usefull :P, this site puts alot of effort into showing what peole like haha its gunna hurt my head

byayoi Aug 4, 2010


Just wanted to tell you that I liked our little "rants" about "Darker than Black". I really needed to vent the frustration :D

And now to the farewells. I think I'll take a little vacation from this site. I won't be "coming" until my anger subsides. Remember what I told you about helping with the characters and all that? Well, it's not worth it. The staff here don't take us seriously, and they give their blind trust to users that they know for a long time, no matter what they write. So, I'm sorry if my suggestion causes you any discomfort in the future.

So, keep watching anime, and have fun!

See you sometime in the future!