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I Believe in a Thing called LOVE~!

15 FEB

Happy belated SAINT Valentine's Day every person! 

How was my "Dia de los Enamorados"? Well, a life void of boyfriend made it a little... forever alone-tastic, but I love myself, so who else do you need? 

You know, I haven't done a "first impressions" in awhile, and it's a shame since I love to write them. Unfortunately, nothing this season was really inspiring enough to even watch the first episode. It was disappointing- although whenever I go on my CrunchyRoll app on my dinosaur of a 1st Gen iPod touch, I always say to myself, "One of these days you're gonna try that!!! ... just not TOday." So, I only managed to watch a little of 3 shows.

Firstly, we have Another. Nothing really stood out to me as groundbreaking, when reading the summary of this show, but you know what? The characters looked pretty. I like pretty looking things. (DANCE MONKEYS DANCE) The only thing that really made me wanna actually sit through the first episode was the main character, Kouichi. He's a cutie and so naive, but the stupid plot set-up of "let's not tell the new person to our old secluded town of low populance the dark secrets that lie within" is just not up my ally. Honestly, it's a little too When They Cry -ish and I wasn't even feeling it then. Granted, from what I got from the first episode of Another, there isn't going to be any murder(s) in the future of this series, but like I said, only the first episode. Maybe it's a cultural gap, but "haunted desks" and "dead students from previous years" just doesn't resonate as scary to me... or maybe I'm just a completely desentisized American, as my Spanish teacher would gaffaw.

 Damn you, Inu x Boku SS !! I've watched 3 episodes of this already and I really can't stand it! The main characer, Ririchiyo-sama has such a shallow, been-there-seen-that personality. Mikustukami, not only has the most ridiculous last name I've seen in anime to date, but has a glorious master-servant thing going on that kinda creeps me out. From what I'm willing to assume from scenes from episode 3, I'm a thinking he was a male escort turned sex-monkey. I could be entirely wrong though, but no spoilers you frenzied fangirls that are seizing at the moment! I think you might wanna hear why I even bother to continue watching this typical Kuroshitsuji-esque supernatural nonsense. Well, it's mainly 'cause of... BISHIES, BISHIES, BISHIES! I hate how much they sway me into watching a series. Heterochromia is freakin' rad! (Oh and I am really into the whole youkai- Japanese folklore thing, even though this series does a spin on it that I really don't care for ALL THAT MUCH)

The last show I'm watching this season may be a given, but, Natsume Yujinchou Shi makes me feel like I'm eating rainbows out of bowls of happiness. I remember fondly of being chewed out on my last my last blog about how I didn't give the last season a chance after the first couple of episodes, but you know what? This season is superior to last. Something about the animation of last season was off and some of the episodes were a tad big weak. (*cough* the first episode *cough*) I still think that if this show synthsized into a man, I would marry him, but that's irrelevant. If you ever care to notice, the seasons follow a general theme, which I do appreciate. This season is a little more aggressive in the "I can't let people get involved with my youkai problems, but they keep messing up my life" catergory which I find highly entertaining. I've watched all of the episodes thus far and excitedly await more episodes. In short, if you like this show, all the seasons are glorious. 

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cleodux avatar cleodux
Apr 27, 2012

I have just watch Inu x Boku lol. Ha ha... you are not far from guessing Miketsukami. I don't really care much about him either. I only enjoy the comedy, everything else is pure torture. Although the comedy that i enjoyed is only about the master servant relationship, which after a few episodes is not so funny anymore. The Youkai thing is only a set. The whole series is about Ririchiyo and Miketsukami relationship only. Which is generically boring. I also watch it because the animation is pretty lol. I manage to finished it.

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