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  • Summertime Loving (Lovin' in the Summer... Time)

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Summertime Loving (Lovin' in the Summer... Time)

25 JUL

You get 5 points if you know what I'm referencing with my blog name!

I always have had a soft spot for summer anime. It's the only season I can dedicate myself to watching the streams the day of release. I can completely immerse myself in the pool of anime, soaking in every moment. This year, however, I was kinda disappointed.

I've only got around to watching some of the series streaming on CrunchyRoll. Here are my impressions thus far...

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives made me upset. I remember being excited reading about this in May. Seeing this was by the same guy that did Legend of the Legendary Heroes, I had high hopes. However, it's just a weak supernatural-y themed story with hoards of unnecessary panty shots. I'm a stickler for romance that keeps me guessing, but the options in Sacred Bunny were cute girl #1 who wants you're delicious main character ass or cute girl #2 that called dibbs on your delicious main character ass. One episode was ENOUGH for this girl.

Sacred Seven isn't horrible. I love a good shounen, really I'm such an action, fighting, epic, gore- junkie. I took one look at this show and didn't bother reading the description in fears that it would be insanely idiotic. I saw deep satuarated colors and angular character designs and I was sold. The first episode did a pretty good job of introducing you to the situation. The story-line is a little weak, but satisfying enough to finish the first episode. Another thing that a show has to have for me to keep watching is at least one character (either main or minor) that I like. Luckily for Sacred Seven, I like the main guy and his cute little moped. One thing that I hate is the opening and it's terribly obvious fore-shadowing as far as love interests are concerned. If I were you, I'd skip it.

No. 6 I'm a little unsure about. I don't know what the demographic is for this show, but after the first episode I could already smell the yaoi-fanfic brewing in the darkest corners of the blogosphere. I was open minded and decided to go for it! The first episode was interesting. I like the concept of a secretive government in media like Animal Farm and Farhenhiet 451 (yeah I know how to read). We are introduced to a fugitive and a kid living by the government's standards, but still thinks outside the box as you see in the later episodes. I don't know if it's a shounen-ai or not (c'mon you saw that ending sequence!), but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it just sticks with the evil government plot, or I'll be very upset.

Kamisama Dolls is magically delicious! I was kinda on the fence about this show and it's main attraction (aka love interst with torpedo-tits), but, like in No. 6, I like secretive associations. In this case we have a main character with a questionable past (which are always fun to see when it catches up with them) that comes from a village that holds the secret of holding Gods that people in the village can control. The first episode introduces a very simple time lapse of events, minor friends, main character, love interest, family member introduction, antagonist. It's a little played, but it's fun, I excitedly await more episodes!

Usagi Drop is probably my favorite for the season. I'm such a sucker for shows with soft colors and lovable characters. I love the whole whacky and totally plausable concept of the show, where a grandson takes his grandfather's illegitimate 9 year old daughter into his own home to raise. I really love, Daikichi's about-face from 30-year-old bachelor to father figure. I'm very happy with this show thus far and I look forward to more installments.

Natsume Yujincho San is living in the shadow of it's previous seasons. I'm gonna be completely honest with you, I loved the first two seasons of this show. A matter of fact, the first season is in my top 5 favorite anime, but this season is weak so far. First off, assuming some of you watched the first two seasons, this one seems a little off. The animation is slightly different and although they kept a lot of the original soundtracks from the other seasons some of the new tidbits aren't really doing it for me. Secondly, the first two episodes were bland and uneventful. I was a hyped-up-heart-pounding mess awaiting the first episode, but was left kinda let down. However, I refuse to give up! I think the first two episodes were just getting the viewers back into the loop. This was the first new season in a little over a year, I'm assuming they wanted to ease the concept of the show back into our squishy-anime-rotted minds before they bring more satisfying episodes our way. Here's to hoping!


Dagon123 avatar Dagon123
Aug 15, 2011

Nice reference to Regular Show, loved that episode =D


But honestly, I have to completely disagree on Natsume San, I think if anything, it is the best of the 3 seasons so far. Natsume San feels like just that, the viewers are already there watching, and have been so for 2 seasons, and they really captured the essence of the show imho. There is a great balance between the comedy and the drama. I'm looking forward to the next episode ^_^

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