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Anime Anonymous

23 MAR

Oddly enough, while I was having the pleasure of washing my dishes today, I seemed to have realized that every single addiction has some sort of group, so you can live in the real world. This was all brought about when I was taking an online quiz for chemistry and the final question was how cocaine effected the mind. Just to make sure I googled it and besides the first couple links, the rest were groups to share about your addiction to cocaine. 

This all got me to thinking: Why doesn't anime have something like this?

Now, I know you must be thinking I'm trying to be funny or ironic, but think about it...how many of you guys watched any show that's in your native tongue...When was the last time you watched a show not on the internet? ...haha! Now you are discovering where I am coming from!

~Stages of Otaku~

How, when, where you discover anime doesn't matter, but when you do, it's a psuedo-gateway drug in a sense, to so many more anime related things.

But how does it start?

When I first discovered anime, I had the notion in my mind that nothing was better than this. I couldn't watch any other show! It didn't matter what this show was about, as long as it was anime, I don't care! I watched so many shows that I regret (because they were just plain horrible) because I just wanted to see anime!

Then you start running low. What are you supposed to do now? Wikipedia! Wikipedia has all the answers! Just simply go to a show you watched, looked up the characters, click on your favorite character's VA, and presto~ you have a whole crap-load of new anime to watch! 

But now, you are starting to get picky. You realize that fantasy and comedy anime are the ones you are truly enjoying. However, how does one find anime with these specific requirements? ...Oh what's this? This fan-site has a forum...maybe I will get an account to just ask the "What should I watch next" thread a question...these people should know what they are talking about...

Wait, what's this? This person seems to like the same shows as you, and the shows that they recommended are amazing! I must talk to them...while I'm at it I might as well get an avatar and a signature. But where? Hey that person that posted has a real cool sig...it's from anime-planet.com....I wonder...

Wow this site is amazing! I can blog, make friends, and find recommendations! *goes to this site and many other forum sites every day*

Whoa...whaddya know...it's like spring...it's soo nice out!! Oh wait...everyone is out of the house! This is the perfect time to watch the new episode of that show that just started airing subtitled! Plus, I don't have to worry about the awkward stares I get from my family members when they see me watching something with subtitles that's a cartoon.

Oh jeez, finals are coming up! Better study...I'll go check my e-mail to see if my teacher sent me that study guide...hey wait after finals is summer...and that means cons! I should totally see if there are any cons in this area...it should only take like 5 minutes...*gets stuck in otaku loop* ...Well, I pretty much know everything that we did in that class so I guess I should be fine...plus the test is on Monday 8th period and it's only Friday...

Surprisingly enough you pass all your finals, and advance to the next grade, however, you don't care about that now because you realize that now that it's summer you could stay up later to watch...MORE ANIME! Did you know they usually come from a comic, too? Plus they have this huge~ section in Borders completely dedicated to it...I must find my favorite anime's manga!

And that is the making of a 1st rate otaku...before you know it, you know what Carameldansen is, and what an "internet meme" is.

~Crazy Assumptions you get from Anime~

Crazy notions you get in your mind, that aren't necessarily true. 

1- Girls have big boobs- Sorry guys, not all girls do...especially Japanese girls. 

2- Guys are that hot- Girls, these men are impossible to recreate, you can get pretty close, but a picture will always look prettier than the real thing.

3- You are the chosen one!- That kid in that show that has a crappy life just like you and acquires magical powers to save the world, isn't JUST LIKE YOU! "Whaddya mean, Stacie?" He's a DRAWING...sorry.

4- That guy/ girl that pretends to not like me really does- Now this isn't entirely true, but 8/10 when someone says they "hate you" they hate you. 

5-If I try really hard I can't become anything I want!- Not wanting you guys to become self loathing and lower your self esteem, but if you wanna be a forensic scientist, and you are in a normal science and math class and barely passing by the skin of your nose...your chances are bleak...sorry. (If it's any consolation chemistry is really hard..that quiz I was talking about, I still got a 60 on it...and it was my 2nd time taking it!)

6-One day I'm gonna come home and find out that I'm in a family of wizards and I must take an amazing quest that will lead me to find a love interest! [ties in with "I'm the chosen one!"]- Life I said in "I'm the chosen one" These are just stories my friends, don't get excited.

By this point you are either laughing or getting mad with me. However, I would like to mention that I watch anime. Don't think I'm making fun of you, or I'm laughing at you...because in all actuality I'm making fun of myself!

-You have no idea how poorly I did on my finals (after I discovered anime 2 years ago) compared to my before anime midterm scores of nearly all perfect 100s.-

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iKaity avatar iKaity
Mar 24, 2010

I know exactly what you mean.. Lol..

I've been lucky enough not to run into a dead end yet (though I thought I did, I came across this site and discovered so many more animes I could watch)..

I've also taken to ongoing animes, which I never liked.. Heh..

I honestly wish there was someone else in real I could talk to besides my sister.. xD (Who is not nearly as a fan of it as me..)

~ Kaity

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