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Hey, I'm a Little Late to the Party


It's summertime! That means summer anime: also known as my most notably preferred season to write reviews about! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to watching anything yet. I want to wait until there is at least 2 episodes out, but that doesn't mean I don't have my two cents to share about some anime I'm currently watching and let me warn you, this stuff is all over the board.

Paradise Kiss, I am well aware, came out seven years ago, and I'm sorry I didn't watch it sooner! I only became interested because for some reason this June my tastes shifted from slice-of-life and school life, to outlandish shojo, fashion, and gender-bender (probably due to my accusition of Princess Jellyfish). This show, I don't know how, just ensnared my interests and I ended up watching almost the entire show in one sitting. The entire cast is actually very likable. Miwako promised to be my least favorite (probably because of her sickening bishoujo-ness), but the personality she has, along with George, Arashi, and Yukari, is very real. Yukari's struggle with just trying to do well in school and not knowing why, is something that plagued me a lot, and I can relate to it. I admire George's, Arashi's, and Miwako's determination to excell in the fashion world and do what they love. I haven't finished watching it entirely, but I'm certain the ending won't disappoint. 

... oh and FRANZ FERDINAND sings the ending sequence, it really doesn't get any better than that. 

Tsuritama was not what I expected. However, in its defense, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. Honestly, I saw a promo picture of it on ANN and thought the character design was cute and fluffy, so I decided to watch it. The premise, which I'm still trying grasp after 5 episodes, is that this cute little alien, Haru, came to Enoshima to catch something in the ocean. For some reason, he picked the poor new transfer student, Yuki, to fish out whatever is in the ocean that he needs. Along the way, we meet the Prince of Fishing Natsuki that befriends Yuki and Haru, and an Indian guy, Akira, investigating Haru. (did I mention that Akira has a duck named Tapioca?) The first episode showed Yuki literally drowning in anxiety everytime someone looked at him the wrong way. This happened so often that it became kind of annoying, but later on as Yuki acquires friendship and a new (over explained and often boring) hobby, his personality lightens up and he is able to function as a relatively normal human. All in all, it's not an awful show. The characters take awhile to get used to, but I had Keito, Yuki's grandma, to like from the get-go to keep me interested. It seemed more of mindless summer show then spring, but what do I know?
(Oh, and did I mention that the opening sequence is just fun to watch... and there is a DUCK NAMED TAPIOCA? Like seriously, that is the GREATEST name for a duck.)

Night Raid 1931 was unsettling. Maybe it's because I'm looking at it from an American's education, but there is just something about the Japanese in the thirties... So, I started off this show uncomfortable, but I decided to just overlook irrelevant (to the anime's plot line) history lessons stored in my brain place and hop aboard. Night Raid's one of those shows that just throws you in and explains everything later. Personally, I hate shows that make their pilot episode something that can easily be a filler episode. I like being introduced to my characters first episode. However, all I got from the first episode of this show was "Hey, we all have some form of ESP and we do covert operations because YOLO." There is just something about this show that screams strange (and oddly deformed) love-child of Baccano! and Darker than BLACK and it was not nearly as interesting as either of those shows. I watched three episodes, and just ended up stopping out of sheer boredom. If you're looking for something generic that probably doesn't have a real storyline until the last three to four episodes this is the show for you.

Maybe in the upcoming weeks you can expect some summer anime impressions, because I have a list of shows that I don't wanna watch, but want to disect! Muahaha!


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