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The Sun Still Shines in the Summertime

15 JUL

<From: Mexican Wine, the Fountains of Wayne song that doesn't make myself or my mom uncomfortable.>

Ahh, summer: obligated family vacations, sweat in unmentionable places, booze, and fireworks. Between all that fun stuff I totally did, I found the time to watch some streaming anime. Maybe I'm getting picky, but over all I'm not impressed.

I'm on the fence wirh Natsuyuki Rendevouz. When I intially read the premise, I thought it would be a wholesome show to watch. The plot seemed interesting enough; seeing the ghost of the dead husband floating around your potential love interest should cause hilarious and unintential happenings. From the first episode, however, I was about as bored as the main character's demeanor, but then again how happy can a guy be working in a flower shop? Rokka's personality is non-existant and it just seems that Ryosuke "loves" her solely based off on her pixie cut. I desperately want this show to be worthy of my time, but it just seems kind of bland right now.

Video games elude me, and Sword Art Online was no exception. The concept of virtual reality will never cease to terrify me. I think it's mainly because of The Matrix, or how my brother and I used to speculate whether or not our reality was in fact real or a complex coma dream, but that's irrelevant. SOA is completely out of me element. The only media I've exposed myself to that involved the concept of RPGs was 1/2 Prince (damn you alluring gender-benders!). I mean, the show didn't completely turn me off. The costume design of the virtual reality was a little weak, and the build up to the whole "we're trapped in the video game" plot was really boring. We get it, you made a friend that can't hunt boar because he doesn't understand the concept of using the swords. Wahh, I hate things that are over-explained all at once. Klein was just a poor boring plot point to explain the game. However, guys, do not fret! There is a girl that is bound to show up wanting your main character ass, so get ready for some steamy (j/k) romance scenes!

On a side note, I'm impressed with the lack of Engrish! Good, translators doing their job!

Humanity Has Declined has a fluffy sort of animation style that makes me sad that I never finished watching Mawaru Penguin Drum.  At first, it seemed innocent enough- all lollipops and other such nonsense. That is, however, until we are introduced to the adorable, Mediator, a sort of government official in some weird anime-sort of way, who shows us the horrifying reality that is the perpetually smiling, definitetly demonic fairires. I guess they run agencies and surpress the human race somehow while only being 3 inches tops and sounding like elementary school kids. This show is just weird. That's really the best way to describe it. After the bizarre bread scene at the end of episode one, I decided that I needed to watch some Cowboy Bebop to restore my faith in anime- and Japan as a country.

Based on the first episode, Tari Tari is pretty good. In one sense, it sort of reminds me of Hana-saku Iroha, but maybe that's because I'm jealous of all the anime girls' flawless hair. (I want nice hair, dammit!) It's promising! I love the determination of Miyamoto to make her choir club and aspiration to sing even though she is a 3rd year "general" student. It's a cute music concept without the moe. I haven't watched a show of this sort in a really long time and I actually laughed at the attempts at humor. It has a very basic anime set up, but why mess with something that works?

Last, but not least, Kokoro Connect which with two guys and three girls brought together in a club room for no real reason screams The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The characters are a little flat and unappealing, but from what I gather from the description, we will learn in later episodes what everyone's deep and dark secrets are, but with this sort of first episode, I may never know what they may be. These kids are body swapping, though, which should prove to be hilarious in later episodes. I mean once we get passed everyone feeling up their new gender parts...


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