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sothis Oct 20, 2007

Make sure you PLAY KOUDELKA FIRST. It's the first in the trilogy... sort of a cross between Resident Evil and an RPG, the gameplay is terrible, it's really short, and the game pretty much sucks, but the next game in the trilogy (Shadow Hearts) will NOT BE EASY TO UNDERSTAND if you don't play Koudelka first -- just trust me! ^_^. Then, Shadow Hearts 2 finishes the trilogy. There's a third SH, but it's a different story. Don't read up on the story so you won't have it spoiled... they are goooooood. Very dark and unique RPGs. Koudelka is PS1 and SH 1/2 are PS2.

sothis Oct 19, 2007

It's actually from Shadow Hearts, which is one of my favorite trilogies of games ever :) veeeeeeeeeeeery dark.

sothis Aug 27, 2007

annnd done. ^_^

sothis Aug 26, 2007

I can easily do that for you... to verify, you want me to change everything you have marked as "dropped" as "won't watch"? ^_^

sothis Aug 21, 2007

Hi there!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we've added a few new status options for the anime list: "stalled", and "won't watch". Based on feedback from you guys we've added "won't watch" as an alternative to marking hundreds of series as "dropped", which a lot of you have been doing because you are not interested in seeing them. When you have a chance, I'd really appreciate it if you could update your list (just click "my anime" on the left and filter by "dropped") and change "dropped" titles to "won't watch", if that's how you've been using the "dropped" feature.

The reason we ask this is because since "dropped" has a negative connotation to it (generally means someone didn't like it), this affects the "user stats" information that shows up for each AniRec entry. People might read the stats, see that a bunch of p