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What?! No anime ratings?

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naiade May 10, 2009

hi (smiles)

im loving Ergo Proxy too. i havent been able to finish it because it says "very long wait" at netflix. its said this for Petshop of Horrors since january when i added it!

I agree theres a lot to think about in Ergo Proxy. i really like anime like Ergo Proxy and Gilgamesh-i was wondering if you could recommend any other series that share in this kind of smart, dark, focused on relationships, atmospheric, original, psychological/horror? 

I agree with you about Gilgamesh too. after I finished it, i read reviews of it, hoping to find recommendations of others like it. I was surprised that many of the reveiwers, even the few who liked Gilgamesh, said that the art is "ugly". 

I really like the art of Gilgamesh too.  ithink its really original, and interesting, and often beautiful. I really like the way the artists do things like show the action through mirrors, or reflected in the eyes of the  characters. It feels like a lot of love and thought are put into it, and i like the way the characters are drawn too. 

I like most everything about gilgamesh. the only thing i wasnt really that into was the fight scenes going on a bit long and repetitive for me, but not such a big deal. i can understand why they were included.

ive put Buffy season one in my queue. thank you for the warning about the beginning  not being the strongest episodes, yet important to watch to get the depth of the relationships. i dont mind watching weaker episodes if i know that its leading somewhere i want to go. and i really like series that combine dark with silliness and wit. this is part of what makes me such a Twin Peaks fan, to me, it really creates a mood where darkness and silliness can co-exist ,and this is not easy to do. but i love both. 

after getting your last letter, i tried Anime Network again-and it worked! well, sort-of. its strange. ive tried it many times in the past, and got that same page i mentioned. but now i can get it to work, in the sense that it opens anime network homepage and offers me free anime. it no longer offers me a player though. and it has petshop of horrors which is really exciting, except when i play it (or anything else) i see a little circle with numbers in it at the centre of my image, so i cant watch it. it plays, but the circle in the centre keeps spinning and the numbers keep changing which is you know anything about what im talking about? really strange, but i guess this is a step. (smiles)

ive never had cable or tv really. i am using comcast for my internet though. thanks for explaining all this.

what is full house about/like? i cant find it at netflix. you must have a really good dvd shop near where you live? 

oh-im watching Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play. im really liking it a lot too! I'm addicted. i am upset/frustrated at the "short wait" for the next episodes at netflix (smiles). they really need to get more copies of anime. thanks for that recommendation too.

i love that its silly and makes me laugh and at the same time that i really care about the characters. i am talking a lot to the screen while watching this one! (smiles) i guess its like what i said above, i like that mixture in tone, of something more serious/dark/smart, and the silliness. i love the way the characters are often drawn as little children, this interaction between the different aspects of the selves is funny and smart. and i love the story within a story. and its silly of me, but i have a bit of a crush on tamahome. 

i think i understand more what shojo means. i like it that the female character is at the centre of everything!

thanks for all the good recommendations!


naiade Jan 23, 2009

hey baobhan,

i am really liking "gilgamesh" a lot.

i really love the gothic clothing, hair, and atmosphere.

i love the feel of it. and i love the focus on the relationship between the sister and brother.

the art is really interesting, one thing i find really interesting is the way they keep showing european romantic paintings and other older forms of art in the frame with the characters.

sometimes this makes me think of an old black and white film noir, the colors, the music, the set-up of the shots, the settings. its really a lot of fun!

thank you!


naiade Dec 31, 2008


im really happy to have someone to share anime with too! 

wow, looks like you really just liked "Ergo Proxy"! i really want to see that one, thats where your new avatar is from, right? 

i love it that you make your own avatars. and reading your offer to make me one, i got this big silly grin, thank you so much! i am still trying to decide on an avatar, and i will write you at goodreads when i do. i havent found many places to look for images, im looking mostly at amason, and everything has the names on it, (like images of Lain that say, Lain...)and i want a character w/o the names. and ive found some art i really like, from anime ive never seen, and i keep changing my mind about if i want to use that...

i smiled too when you wrote about switching your avatar depending on your mood. thats what i was thinking when i changed mine at goodreads. 

i love Twin Peaks, i own it and its one of favorite worlds, and id really like when you watch it, let me know, id really love to get to talk about it with you. its something id love to share, when ever you and your husband get hooked on it. i think you will like it more if you watch it a lot at a time, so id wait till you both have some time. i dont mean the entire series at once, but not one episode a week/month either. (this is how they showed it at my college, i ended up renting it all myself, i couldnt watch it like that

thats just me,though. the relationships are kinda complicated and intertwined, so it helps to not spread it out too much...and i got too addicted to wait. (smile) the same is true of Paranoia Agent, its a bit confusing and i watched a few episodes more then once and got a lot more out of them. and a warning, there are a few episodes (8-10 i think) that are not nearly as good and dont quite share the mood, i still love Paranoia Agent,bc the rest are so good,and if you can wait then it gets really good again.

ive never seen Buffy or Firefly either, i looked them up and they both look really good to me too. they dont have seasons 1 or 2 of Buffy, do you think i could still understand it and get into it startin out at 3? she looks very cool character. maybe you will get me hooked too.(smile) 

i like charming and enigmatic. its a combination i often fall for. (smile) so im going to watch gilgamesh and i can watch it from netflix on my c., which helps a lot. oh, did i get that mixed up? is charming and enigmatic Petshop of horrors? okay, well, need to find a way to get that one too.

ive looked up a lot of the anime to add to my queue at netfiix, and am finding that though they carry pretty much everyone ive tried, they are often missing episodes, and its difficult for me to imagine watching a series, knowing, like with Revolutionary Girl Utena, they are missing vols. 1, 4, and 5, and w/ Ayashi no ceres they are missing 13-24,Sailor Moon is missing nearly everything, and missing Petshop of Horrors too,...its disappointing so i was hoping i  could get a lot of this from anime network...

do you only watch subtitles? i like to watch both. 

what is ova?

the anime network: i cant understand if i can watch like, on demand from a list of anime, or if  they broadcast specific shows at specific times? i cant find a place that sort of explains how the site works. i feel like im being led to download their video player as a starting point, and i thought the explanations would come there...and when i tried to do this, i got a strange message saying something like, "sorry, we can only play in the united states." i am in in the usa, so i dont understand. do you have any idea what this could mean or what i  could do to start up a different way? 

i just saw Tokyo godfathers and was disappointed. i really like Satoshi Kons other work, the way it focues on identity and reality shifting, but this one didnt share those themes really and somehow to me, both dull and chaotic with a lot of shouting, which i dont like, and not much mood. i like it that hes trying to humanise homeless people, and i like it that he takes time with character development and there were a few really good and funny lines. i wasnt really into the art either. did you see it?


naiade Dec 28, 2008


shes cool too, in a darker way. 

thanks for writing all the recs. you make them look a lot more interesting then the descriptions do. (smile) i love the details you write.

i like the selkie legend, i think i might try that one first. i cant really make up my mind. 

ive been trying to get myself an avatar for over an hour, but i cant make it work, trouble finding one, and then its too big, and then it just doesnt work...where do you get yours? are you using your own manga?

and i cant figure out the anime network site either. i feel sort-of stupid...but if you could guide me a bit id really appreciate it. (no hurry)

have you seen Boogiepop Phantom or Paranoia Agent? 

you know so much more about anime then me, but i saw that you like horror, and they both have aspects of horror, and are mythic, dealing with urban legends too, and though they are mysteries, they focus a lot on the characters feelings and relationships,and not just the plot. i can say more if you are unfamiliar with them. 

have you seen TWin Peaks? i really love twin peaks, and paranoia agent reminds me of it. its a simiiar mix of funny, horror, atmospheric, and layered relationships, and relationships with self. 

naiade Dec 26, 2008

hi, baobhan, 

wanted to thank you for telling me bout this site. 

ive found a lot of anime recs by adding the ones ive seen. i like the mysteries and psychological ones most so far, and im interested to see what shoujo is like. think starting out with card captor sakura is good place? im in the middle of trigun, not really liking it that much, but dont want to stop either...

anyway, i wanted to ask you to be my friend at anime-planet, but i dont see how to do that.

what anime is your avatar from? she is cool. i love her eyes. naiade (emilie)