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Umm... nothing right now.  Yep, I don't exist until I can think of something to write.

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BlackVoid says...

Bonjour. I would be very interested if you could tell me how to contact that underground dealer. The cops have really been cracking down on them in my area, which has made finding a reliable dealer difficult. One time I was trying to get some crack from one, and it turned out to be a cop in disguise. Fortunently, I was able to write them down in my death note and flee for 40 seconds, but I would rather not run the risk again.

Apr 29, 2010
Raiven says...

Welcome to AP c:

Apr 29, 2010
bandfreak401 says...

My childhood was full of a couple crazy shows, but it ended rather quickly when band took over my life...  OH MUSIC, YOU HAVE MY SOUL!  But, recently, I've developed a rather beneficial relationship with an underground Anime dealer, and he has been supplying my crack for the past month now.  I'm addicted, and I don't see any let-up of my new Anime crazed state going bye-bye anytime soon.

Apr 29, 2010