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MOJ says...

Nice. Glad to have met you. Although you havent updated your profile on this website. Do you frequent anime-planet a lot? It would be awesome to talk about similar likes or dislikes but I don't know any of yours. Do you study at UTM too?

Jan 1, 2014
MOJ says...

Oh you study in Mississauga or live here? Im in commerce at UTM. Mix of economics and accounting. How about you?

Dec 30, 2013
MOJ says...

Ha small world. I am in Mississauga. You go to any university?

Dec 28, 2013
MOJ says...

Wow thats a first on this site! Naw the Pakistani anime community is huge. We've been watching urdu dubbed anime for so long in Pakistan when I lived there. Detective Conan was huge in pk and any soccer anime a big hit in Saudi (where I lived as well for a large portion of my life).But I haven't seen any other Pakistanis on this site. Glad to have met you. Where do you live? I am currently in Canada

Dec 24, 2013
MOJ says...

Hey Hello. Sorry for the late reply. I just saw your message. Whats up?

Dec 22, 2013