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MOJ says...

Haha guys get quick follows? Are you sure its not the other way around? I am on Facebook among other networking sites and out of the 10 friend invites I get per year, only like 1 of them is a girl...who turns out to be my friend playing a prank on me so its really depressing haha. Yeah i checked out some pretty nice tumblr people or accounts or whatever you call them and many of it is good stuff. I like the funny ones best. Not a fan of those self-harm, depressing ones that seem to dominate the website. Other than that, thanky you for introducing this to me. I just have a question, do people regularly post pics about themselves or their lives in general on this site or is it more of a "find stuff online and reblog it"? If it is posting pictures of oneself then I don't know how much I could do... How about you? I saw many of your pictures and they were quitei ntruging to say the least, but i couldn't pin down any particular theme. What exactly do you like posting?Sorry for the strange and long questions. I am just trying to get the hang of this. Oh and if you have any other social sites like the blogger webstie you mentioned or any other then please feel free to send me the link. I love reading/writing blogs or pictures so I will gladly follow/like etc.

Jan 20, 2014
MOJ says...

Hey it takes time to get used to being social, believe me, it took me 2 years after moving from Saudi to Canada.I actually created a tumblr account very recently (a few days ago). I still don't know how it works. Trying to get the hang of it. If you have a tumblr then please send me your link, I will follow/subscribe. I have blogs on this site can I post them on my tumblr too or do people usually post only pictures and videos?

Jan 16, 2014
MOJ says...

Yeah there is that aspect of being social too. I don't have many friends, I tend to make a few really good friends and stick with them. My experiences with new people don't go down too well. Not that I am anti-social (quite the opposite) but some people just don't like it...or maybe only those in my university are like that.Anyhow, do you watch movies other than chick flicks? Got to say, that ain't really my cup of tea haha. As for youtube and liveleak, I am very active on both of those sites. Liveleak is like a cesspool of ignorant nationalists, whereas youtube is a bit better...only a bit though. I like liveleak more though because of its maturity.Sorry for my long posts, its a habit i picked up from writing long reviews and blogs. Please, tell me more about yourself. You have caught my interest...well partly because I haven't chatted with anyone on anime-planet for a long time.

Jan 12, 2014
MOJ says...

Sort of. I watch all my anime online. I don't really keep a physcial copy of anything, or even a digital one on my PC unless it is for the AMVs I make. I do use anime-planet to keep a record of everything though. Makes it much more personal and easy to keep track.How about you? If you don't watch much anime anymore, what do you do instead?

Jan 7, 2014
MOJ says...

Ahh thats a bit sad to hear. I still love anime because it is so much better than what Hollywood spits out. I also watch the latest Hollywood movies and series but they just don't have the excitment since the movie's stories are horrid, characters cliched and plot not even worth mentioning. The only good movies are the ones based off of books (except Twilight...).Anime usually has a story that keeps me wanting to watch more. Anyways it is induvidual taste. I have been in Canada for about 3 years. I used to live here when I was a kid but moved abroad then came back for university. How about you?I have a lot of animes I like: Death Note, Darker than Black, Black Lagoon, Clannad, Angel Beats, Baka to Test. So no single most favorite one. I could never choose haha. 

Jan 4, 2014